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  • Imagine
  • Leatha Kendrick
    Summer 2007

woodtrusses raisingroofless houses over gorges—picture low water bridges, concretepoured around three culverts.

Geometry, a poetry of steel wirespun across a chasm, physics leaping broadunwalkable waters—rivers, bays.

Beforethe calculations or the handthat set the first pier, before whatever roseto stride above uncrossedravines with us

on its straight and level, the mind's eyehad found a way overto the otherside. [End Page 127]

Leatha Kendrick

Leatha Kendrick is the author of three volumes of poetry, including her most recent, Almanac of the Invisible. Her poems and essays have been widely anthologized, and she is a two-time recipient of the Al Smith Fellowship in Poetry from the Kentucky Arts Council and has received fellowships from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Her MFA in Poetry is from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and leads workshops at the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning.



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