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1051 adelman, jeremy Precarious Cosmopolitans: Arendt and Hirschman as Refugee Intellectuals
7 anderson, bridget The Politics of Pests: Immigration and the Invasive Other
507 bain, mervyn j. Havana, Moscow, and Beijing: Looking to the Future in the Shadow of the Past
831 bessner, daniel The Ghosts of Weimar: The Weimar Analogy in American Thought
617 bilgrami, akeel Freedom versus Accountability in the Academy
459 brenner, philip, and teresa garcia castro A Long Legacy of Distrust and the Future of Cuban-US Relations
637 brint, steven g. New Concepts, Expanding Audiences: What Highly Cited Texts Tell Us about Scholarly Knowledge in the Social Sciences
531 bromwich, david Scholarly Truth and the Hunger for Progress
119 callamard, agnes The Control of "Invasive" Ideas in a Digital Age
487 campos, carlos oliva, and gary prevost Cuba's Relations with Latin America
459 castro, teresa garcia, and philip brenner A Long Legacy of Distrust and the Future of Cuban-US Relations
29 comaroff, jean Invasive Aliens: The Late-Modern Politics of Species Being
383 crahan, margaret e. Cuba: Religion and Civil Society
305 feinberg, richard e. Bienvenida—Maybe: Cuba's Gradual Opening to World Markets
1021 freeberg, ellen, gina luria walker, and lara-zuzan gole sorkhi Recovering Frieda Wunderlich: Gender, Knowledge, and Exile
873 friedlander, judith In the Eyes of Others: The Impact of the New School's Refugee Intellectuals in the United States
1021 golesorkhi, lara-zuzan, ellen freeberg, and gina luria walker Recovering Frieda Wunderlich: Gender, Knowledge, and Exile
733 goroff, daniel, and josh greenberg Data and Decisions about Scholarly Knowledge
733 greenberg, josh, and daniel goroff Data and Decisions about Scholarly Knowledge
955 hagemann, harald Franco Modigliani as "American" Keynesian: How the University in Exile Economists Influenced Economics
761 (84:4) hagemann, harald, and william milberg Introduction: Émigré Scholars in the Twentieth Century and Implications for the Twenty-First
331 hansing, katrin Race and Inequality in the New Cuba: Reasons, Dynamics, and Manifestations
429 henken, ted a. Cuba's Digital Millennials: Independent Digital Media and Civil Society on the Island of the Disconnected
407 hernández, rafael Intellectuals, Civil Society, and Political Power in Cuban Socialism
83 hupert, nathaniel Who's Invading Whom? Zika and Intergenerational Public Health
223 ignatieff, michael The Refugee as Invasive Other
633 katznelson, ira Introduction: Perspectives on Knowledge and Democratic Reason
561 kevles, daniel j. Practical Pressures and Scientific Payoffs: A Long View of Knowledge and Utility in Federal Research
203 kim, eleana Invasive Others and Significant Others: Strange Kinship and Interspecies Ethics near the Korean Demilitarized Zone
769 lässig, simone Strategies and Mechanisms of Scholar Rescue: The Intellectual Migration of the 1930s Reconsidered
235 (84:2) leogrande, william m. Introduction: Cuba Looks to the Future
353 ———Updating Cuban Socialism: The Politics of Economic Renovation
669 lupia, arthur Now Is the Time: How to Increase the Value of Social Science
xix (84:3) mack, arien Introduction: The Future of Scholarly Knowledge
xxi (84:4) ———A New, New School for Social Research University in Exile
989 milberg, william Gerhard Colm and the Americanization of Weimar Economic Thought
761 (84:4) milberg, william, and harald hagemann Introduction: Émigré Scholars in the Twentieth Century and Implications for the Twenty-First
557 miller, james e. Introduction: The Future of Scholarly Knowledge in the Humanities
583 morris, rosalind c. Conflicts and Crisis in the Faculties: The Humanities in the Age of Identity
59 napier, david a. Epidemics and Xenophobia, or, Why Xenophilia Matters
729 ostriker, jeremiah p. Scholarly Knowledge in the Physical Sciences
183 parasecoli, fabio Global Trade, Food Safety, and the Fear of Invisible Invaders
255 pérez, ricardo torres Updating the Cuban Economy: The First 10 Years
109 pettman, dominic Invasion of the Mind Snatchers: Ideas, Otherness, and the New Vectors of Infection
487 prevost, gary, and carlos oliva campos Cuba's Relations with Latin America
xxi (84:3) prewitt, kenneth Is Scholarly Knowledge Good for the Public?
723 ———Introduction: The Natural Sciences
857 pries, ludger Scientists as Forced Migrants and Refugees: What Can We Learn from the 1930s and the 2010s?
171 raffles, hugh Against Purity
277 ritter, archibald r. m. Private and Cooperative Enterprise in Cuba's Economic Future
739 rohe, wolfgang The...


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