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  • Robert Laurie and John L. Flood
Anglo-Saxon England, 45 (2017)

Includes: Donald Scragg, 'A Ninth-Century Old English Homily from Northumbria'; Leonard Neidorf, 'The Composite Authorship of The Dream of the Rood'; Gerald P. Dyson, 'Liturgy or Private Devotion? Reappraising Warsaw Biblioteka Narodowa, I. 3311'.

Archives of Natural History, 44, 2 (October 2017)

Includes: Christopher D. Preston, 'Using John Nidd's Annotated Books in the Wren Library to Reassess his Contribution to John Ray's Catalogus (1660)'; Holger Funk, 'John Caius's Contributions to Conrad Gessner's Historia animalium and "Historia plantarum": A Survey and Commentaries'; R. B. Williams, 'Corroboration of the Inferred Publication Date of J. S. Bowerbank's A History of the Fossil Fruits and Seeds of the London Clay'.

Arthuriana, 26, 1 (Spring 2016)

Includes: Stephen M. Yeager, 'Diplomatic Antiquarianism and the Manuscripts of Laȝamon's Brut'.

Book Collector, 66, 3 (Autumn 2017)

Includes: James Fergusson, 'Evelyn Waugh, Artist'; Charles Sebag-Montefiore, 'The British as Art Collectors'; A. S. G. Edwards, 'The Bradmore Manuscript: Medicine and Memory in Early Modern England'; Mirjam M. Foot, 'A London Binding for Presentation of Bishop John King, c. 1616'; David Batterham, '"How Much for the Whole Shop?": A Billet at Hay Castle in 1965'; Sheila Markham, 'Carl Williams'.

Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, 12 (2016)

Includes: John Chalmers, 'The War of Words: The Rise and Fall of the Beacon Newspaper'.

Bookplate Journal, n.s. 15, 1 (Spring 2017)

Includes: J. A. Hilton and Bryan Welch, 'Charles Townley's Bookplate or Visiting Card'; Peter Youatt, 'Another Bookplate by Enid Marx: A Competition and an Exhibition'; Peter Youatt, 'Mark Bury, Designer and Craftsman'; W. E. Butler, 'The Jacob (James) Bruce Bookplate: A Russian ex libris Incunabulum'; Alexander Lawrence Ames, 'Mrs F. D. R.'s Bookplate: Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Sturgis Harding, and Designing a Bookplate Fit for a First Lady'; W. E. Butler, 'Bookplates in Books: Handbooks for Provenance Studies'.

Brio: Journal of IAML (UK & Irl), 54, 1 (Spring–Summer 2017)

Includes: Hannah Eyles, '"Hopes, Dreams and Difficulties": The Archives of Imogen Holst'; John Wagstaff, 'The IAML (UK & Irl) Library: A Celebratory Farewell'.

Byron Journal, 44, 2 (2016)

Includes: Jane Stabler, 'A Note on the Text of Manfred'. [End Page 108]

——, 45, 1 (2017)

Includes: Peter X. Accardo, 'Byron's Lost American Library'.

Canadian-American Slavic Studies, 51, 2–3 (2017)

Special Issue: 'The Journeys of Ivan Fedorov: New Perspectives on Early Cyrillic Printing'. Includes: Sergei Bogatyrev, 'Introduction: A Printer on the Move'; R. M. Cleminson, 'Ivan Fedorov's Text of the Apostolos'; Nataliia Bondar, 'The Publishing Program of Fedorov and Peter Mstislavets: Statement of the Problem'*; A. S. Usachev, 'Possible Reasons for the Beginning of Book Printing in Russia: Some Preliminary Notes'*; Sergei Bogatyrev, 'The Patronage of Early Printing in Moscow'; Vasiliy Ulianovskii, 'Ostroh Book Culture in the Context of the Life and Work of Prince Vasyl'-Kostiantyn Ostroz´kyi: An Appraisal of a Paradigm'*; K. Yu. Erusalimskii, 'Two Books from the Library of A. M. Kurbskii'*; Alexander Filyushkin, 'Why Did Muscovy not Participate in the "Communication Revolution" in the Sixteenth Century?: Causes and Effects'; Simon Franklin, 'Three Types of Asymmetry in the Muscovite Engagement with Print'; Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia, '"A Beautiful, Tremendous Russian Book, and Other Things Too": An Overview of Rare Russian Books from the Diaghilev-Lifar Collection in the British Library'; Sergei Bogatyrev, 'Something New about the 1564 Apostol from the Diaghilev-Lifar Collection'. (Articles marked * are in Russian with English abstract.)

Chaucer Review, 52, 3 (2017)

Includes: Sarah Wood, 'Two Annotated Piers Plowman Manuscripts from London and the Early Reception of the B and C Versions'. ——, 52, 4 (2017)

Chaucer Review, 52, 4 (2017)

Includes: Thomas J. Farrell, 'Secretary a in Ellesmere's Latin Quotations'.

Common Place, 17, 4 (Summer 2017) []

Includes: Paul Erikson, 'The Business of Building Books'.

Country Life, 211, 36 (6 September 2017)

Incudes: Giles Kime, 'Living Treasure: The Disappearing Art of Fore-Edge Painter'; Antony Woodward, 'Going With the Flow' [on modern calligraphy].

East Asian Publishing and Society, 7, 1 (2017)

Includes: Scott W. Gregory, '"The Wuding Editions": Printing, Power, and Vernacular Fiction in the Ming Dynasty'; Mengjun Li, '"Carving the Complete Edition": Self-Commentary, Poetry, and...


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