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  • Introduction
  • Fátima Vieira

In 2016, the term utopia was appropriated by a variety of discourses in disparate fields to commemorate the human capacity to imagine alternatives to the present and devise strategies for overcoming the most pressing problems. This section of Utopian Studies offers a review of the events held throughout that year in six European countries—Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Ireland—describing the main topics and examining the way they contributed to the promotion of utopian hopes, views, and strategies.

The article on utopian events is followed by five texts offering an overview of the books published in 2016 and the first semester of 2017 in those countries, revealing the diversity of approaches to the idea of utopia and the varying interest that each of the countries has granted them. The last article offers a similar review of the cases of China and Taiwan, where, surprisingly, a significant number of titles dealing with utopian ideas have been published.

Altogether, the articles testify to the dynamics of utopia and reveal the way it was strengthened, in both academic and nonacademic contexts, by the commemorative year. [End Page 586]



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