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Callaloo 25.4 (2002) 1023

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Someone Reaching Through a Window

Ed Roberson

Someone reaching through a window
to close the shutters: the hands
are key the hands despite

the aimed direction out       land back inside;
the open expansiveness of arms
brought closed by the hands on the latch;
      the diminution,

the reach for not being
there open to the street.

The blanket pulled up over,

the tucking out from inside;       light
nerve       line       and impulse to hear
pulled in

      out of the wall
- if wall is as interface part hand
      and part touch,

      the hold shared -
pulled out of that

connection to
all message of       existence of all
but breathing,

      and breathing itself
felt as a cringe felt
as a panic


Ed Roberson is author of a number of volumes of poems, including When Thy King Is a Boy, Lucid Interval as Integral Music, Voices Cast Out To Talk Us In (winner of the 1995 Iowa Poetry Prize), and Just In: Word of Navigational Change, New and Selected Work (winner of the 1998 National Poetry Series Competition). He lives in New Jersey.



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