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  • Reviews in This Issue

S. Bartsch (ed.), Lucius Annaeus Seneca: The Complete Tragedies. Volume I: Medea, The Phoenician Women, Phaedra, The Trojan Women, Octavia. Volume II: Oedipus, Hercules Mad, Hercules on Oeta, Thyestes, Agamemnon (E. Wilson), 283.

F. Cairns, Hellenistic Epigrams: Contexts of Exploration (D. Sider), 280.

M. Folch, The City and the Stage: Performance, Genre, and Gender in Plato’s Laws (P. A. Leven), 268.

L. D. Ginsberg, Staging Memory, Staging Strife: Empire and Civil War in the Octavia (T. D. Kohn), 269.

S. Harrison, Victorian Horace: Classics and Class (Z. Torlone), 277.

C. Hawkins, Roman Artisans and the Urban Economy (R. Van Dam), 285.

P. Ismard, Democracy’s Slaves: A Political History of Ancient Greece (J. P. Sickinger), 273.

D. Jew, R. Osborne and M. Scott (eds.), M. I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and His Impact (J. S. Perry), 271. [End Page 286]

F. Jones, The Boundaries of Art and Social Space in Rome: The Caged Bird and Other Art Forms (T. M. O’Sullivan), 267.

I. L. E. Ramelli, Social Justice and the Legitimacy of Slavery: The Role of Philosophical Asceticism from Ancient Judaism to Late Antiquity (D. Konstan), 275.

C. Rosillo-López, Public Opinion and Politics in the Late Roman Republic (B. McCarthy), 274.

F. Santangelo (ed.), Sir Ronald Syme. Approaching the Roman Revolution: Papers on Republican History (J. H. Clark), 281.

T. E. Strunk, History After Liberty: Tacitus on Tyrants, Sycophants, and Republicans (J. Master), 278. [End Page 287]



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