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  • Executive Summary of Sead Exemplars:Evidence of the Value of Transdisciplinary Projects Report for the National Academies
  • Roger Malina, Executive Editor, Leonardo
  • • The SEAD Steering Committee gathered a collection of "exemplar" works demonstrating effective intersections among the sciences and engineering with art, design and the humanities.

  • • More than 100 exemplars were submitted by 21 nominators during a 6-month call for nominations.

  • • The exemplars were analyzed according to disciplines, demographics, work models and funding sources.

  • • The collection as a whole represents international diversity as well as diversity of practices and disciplines.

  • • A selection of exemplars can be found as a webexhibit at <>; there will be a companion print exhibit.

  • • The exemplars provide evidence of the positive impact that disciplinary integration can have in education, culture and economic resurgence and also contribute to the "STEM to STEAM" debate.


Roger Malina

Carol Lafayette

Nicola Triscott

Carol Strohecker

Robert Thill


Roger Malina

Alex Garcia Topete

Carol Strohecker


Roger Malina

Alex Garcia

Emma Newkirk

Cassini Nazir

Topete Veronica Liu

Please see <> for the full report.

Supplementary Material

Bibliography (.pdf 749 MB)
[Click to Download] SEAD Exemplars: Evidence of the Value of Transdisciplinary Projects SEAD Committee. Report by: Alex Garcia Topete, Roger Malina, Carol Strohecker, Robert Thill

Roger Malina, Executive Editor, Leonardo
ATEC, University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.A.
Email: <>


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