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Callaloo 25.4 (2002) 1034-1035

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Sequoia Sempervirens

Ed Roberson

We are about what       a squirrel's size
is to a tree       to this tree

we are the miles as shoe to
city limits       one line

we rip around
getting our nut

off       to the city;

foot totals map layered upward
impossible city on top of city

even down       underground
into time

it seems to

have grown from our gotten
nut       the fruits of a pleasure

in lifting our scale into the scale
of a weight we feel       we're part of

into this other dish we can feel
rest into balance

our nature in nature
nature       in us

The long stabilized climate the fattening [End Page 1034]

of an abundant season
the people pack on

into a city:
venerable aging of the gather

into the fold's royal robe       venerable aging
of the met crowd into community;

the self destructions squirreled away in what grows


But we seem almost a fire dependent
species like this tree

one that grows around fire
as if burn       were a wire fence a post

of imbedded iron       a piece of shot
a plate in our heads

for the guest lightning.


Ed Roberson is author of a number of volumes of poems, including When Thy King Is a Boy, Lucid Interval as Integral Music, Voices Cast Out To Talk Us In (winner of the 1995 Iowa Poetry Prize), and Just In: Word of Navigational Change, New and Selected Work (winner of the 1998 National Poetry Series Competition). He lives in New Jersey.



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