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[99] Andrew Frost, PhD, is a researcher in science fiction, cinema, and contemporary art. He is the author of the monograph The Boys (2010, Currency Press). Since 2007 Frost has written and presented a number of TV documentaries on contemporary art, including Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art (ABC1, 2014). He is also the writer, co-producer, and director of My Space Program: The Art of Peter Hennessey (Pretty Bad Horse, 2016). James Goho is an independent education research consultant. For many years he was Director, Research and Planning at Red River College in Winnipeg, Canada, and also an occasional sessional instructor with the University of Manitoba. His social science research articles can be found in Medical Teacher, International Journal of e-Learning & Distance Education, and other publications. His essays on gothic and fantasy topics have appeared in many journals and anthologies. In 2014 Rowman & Littlefield published his book Journeys into Darkness: Critical Essays on Gothic Horror. Weronika Łaszkiewicz, PhD, is a lecturer in the Institute of Modern Languages at the University of Białystok (Poland). Her research interests focus on British and American popular literature, particularly on the various aspects of fantasy fiction. She co-edited Visuality and Vi­ sion in American Literature (2014) and Dwelling in Days Foregone: Nostalgia in American Literature and Culture (2016). She is currently working on a book about Christian values, motifs, and symbols present in selected American and Canadian fantasy novels. She is also going to be guest editor of a special issue of Crossroads. A Journal of English Studies dedicated to Polish science fiction and fantasy literature. Duncan Reyburn, PhD, has been a full-time lecturer in both practical and theoretical subjects at the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, since 2007. Before shifting his focus to academia, he worked as an animator, a comics artist, designer, design consultant, and television commercial director. As is evidenced in various publications, his research deals with the intersection of philosophy, theology and visual culture. In particular, his work tends to follow theoretical trajectories: the metaphysical realism of the inventive and prolific writer G. K. Chesterton, and the mimetic realism of René Girard. Reyburn is the author of Seeing Things as They Are: G. K. Chesterton and the Drama of Meaning (Cascade, 2016) and host of the Unorthodoxy podcast. Notes on Contributors ...


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