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  • What's New On Rapa Nui
  • Antoinette Padgett

Toki Music School, Rapa Nui; an unlikely combination of Polynesian cultural roots and passion for European classical music

(As reported by Sidsel Millerstrom).

I was fortunate to attend a concert given by the Toki Music School ( that was arranged for a group of travelers with Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips. What talents and enthusiasm we witnessed! Most of us become teary eyed during the concert. Among the many young students that performed for us was a six-year-old Rapanui boy who played violin as well as piano.

Charming Mahani Teave and Enrique Icka greeted us warmly when we arrived. Mahani is a well-known concert pianist, and Enrique Icka is a Rapanui artist who sings, plays instruments, and dances. He donated the land on which the art/music center is being constructed.

Mahani Teave is the only classical pianist on the island. Because of her talent and love for classical music, but the lack of local teachers and a piano, her family left Rapa Nui and moved to the Chilean mainland so that she could pursue her passion when she was nine years old. Her music studies brought her to the United States, Germany, and other countries. But she always longed for her island and the Rapa Nui cultural environment she missed while growing up in foreign lands. Eventually she returned to Rapa Nui with a goal of building a music school to train the next generation so that they did not have to leave their island to pursue their love of music. There is a wealth of musical talent on Rapa Nui. At Toki Musical School, Mahani channels the artistic talent in a positive direction; she provides formal training and encouragement. The school now has well over 70 students.

The Toki Musical School is presently under construction it is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The building, an Earthship Biotecture, is designed to be self-contained and is the ultimate in green building techniques. It has sustainable design and construction that takes into consideration thermal solar dynamics, sewage treatment, uses natural and recycled building materials, collects water, and produces food. The creator of the Earthship concept is architect Michael Reynolds of New Mexico ( Building materials consist of discarded car tires, aluminum cans, and bottles. As Mahani pointed out, the island's recycling center was delighted when they picked up hundreds of used tires, soda cans, and plastic bottles.

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After the concert, we were treated to cold drinks and homemade cakes. A DVD about the project was given away to those who were interested. To raise money for the worthwhile project, a DVD with Enrique Icka's songs was available for sale. It is heartwarming to see the enormous wealth of talent on the island that Mahani Teave helps to develop and nurture. Any traveler to Rapa Nui should include a visit to Toki Music School. As Mahani told us: "Rapa Nui is known for its moai (megalithic sculpture). Now it will also be know for its music."

Conadi and Rapa Nui reach agreement on immigration control and administration of territory

(As reported on–

The government and the community of Rapa Nui reached an historic agreement in relation to a law [End Page 73] regulating residence, stay, and transit on the island, as well as a new scheme of co-administration in the Rapa Nui National Park. CONADI (Corporación Nacional de Desarrollo Indígena), noted that the demands of the Rapa Nui community were considered regarding the ownership of ancestral lands, management of goods and material and immaterial resources, and concern about the floating population that supports the island. Through a statement, CONADI said it "particularly appreciates the willingness of the Rapa Nui community, represented by CODEIPA (La Comisión para el Desarrollo de Isla de Pascua), to exchange ideas and work towards the reconstruction of trust necessary to build a respectful relationship with the community." At the final plenary meeting of CODEIPA...


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