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The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2018 National Conference will be held 29–31 March 2018 at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. The conference will present a diverse range of electroacoustic music, including fixed-media works for up to eight channels, real-time interactive performances, audiovisual works, and sound installations. Works will be presented in one of two eight-channel concert halls, a late-night venue, a listening room, or other venues. The organizers have also invited proposals from performers of electroacoustic music to present a curated concert of music performed by them or their ensemble. The organizers have further sought proposals for lectures on challenging or controversial topics related to music and the arts, with the intent to inspire discussion and debate. Founded in 1984, SEAMUS is a nonprofit organization of composers, performers, and teachers of electroacoustic music. SEAMUS facilitates interaction between members and the dissemination of their work through an annual national conference, juried composition awards, and the publication of Journal SEAMUS.



The Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) will hold the 2018 edition of its annual festival of electroacoustic music, BEAST FEaST, 26–28 April 2018, at the University of Birmingham, UK. The theme of the festival is BEASTopia, aiming to explore the concepts of democracy and equality as they manifest in electroacoustic music, including sound, genre, representation, and technology. These include electroacoustic music's role in elevating all sounds to the potential of service to musical form and the role of increasing access to technology, in the form of home computers, laptops, and mobile technology, in the evolution of electroacoustic music. The festival's featured artists include composer Horacio Vaggione, musician and cultural anthropologist Georgina Born, artist and composer Nicholas Bullen, composer and sound artist Brona Martin, and organist Mari Fukumoto. In addition to acousmatic works recreated using the BEAST's sound system of up to 100 channels, the festival will include sound installations as well as short talks, aimed at general audiences, on the broader field of electroacoustic music.

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International Conference on New Music Concepts

The fifth International Conference on New Music Concepts (ICNMC 2018) will take place 17–18 March 2018 in Treviso, Italy. ICNMC 2018 aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and students to exchange ideas and original research related to the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied music studies. Topics of interest at the conference include artificial intelligence in music, online learning and music, interactive game music, machine learning in musical performance, motion and gesture in music, musical human–computer interaction, psychoacoustics, robotic music, sonic interaction design, and more. Authors of the selected papers at the conference will be invited to submit an extended version of their work for publication in the International Journal of Music Science, Technology, and Art. Keynote speakers at ICNMC will include composer and artificial intelligence researcher Eduardo Miranda of Plymouth University and music technology researcher Luca Ludovico of the University of Milan.

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