In this interview, danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and founder of the Data & Society Research Institute, details her career trajectory and work on social media, technology, and data. boyd explains the most recent significant changes in media, as well as how data and algorithms can be ethical. She also defines the term "content" and what role "content" plays in advertisers' work and advertising's place in society. Additionally, boyd discusses fake news, the long-standing place of manipulation in media and advertising, and the challenges of circulating information in a digital age. She covers the importance of collaborating across disciplinary boundaries to grapple with today's complex problems. To conclude the interview, boyd advises students to press against challenges and find mentors who cultivate learning and growth. She recommends that advertisers produce "content" that is of social value. She also reminds advertisers to follow business practices that create authentic social value for those working in the industry as well as those who are impacted by the industry's work.

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