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The authors of the article “Wideranging Movement and Foraging Strategy of the Critically Endangered Red-headed Wood Pigeon (Columba janthina nitens): Findings from a Remote Uninhabited Island,” which appeared in Pacific Science, volume 71, number 2: 161 – 170, provided the following correction:

In this article, we used an incorrect name for the studied island. We would like to correct the island name “Kita-Iwojima” to “Kita-Iwoto.”

Traditionally, the name of the island was “Kita-iwoto.” However, during World War II it was called “Kita-iwojima” by Japanese and U.S. military, and the name had remained after the war. In 2007, the name of the island was officially designated as “Kita-iwoto” by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, in consideration of the residents of the island. We were not aware of the change of island name and used the name “Kita-Iwojima.” We apologize for our mistake.

— Haruko Ando, Tetsuro Sasaki, Kazuo Horikoshi, Hajime Suzuki, Hayato Chiba, Michimasa Yamasaki, and Yuji Isagi [End Page 165]

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