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Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Adcox, James Tadd Repetition Daniel Gonzalez 38(5): 23
Anker, Elizabeth S. and Rita Felski, eds. Critique and Postcritique Bruce Robbins 38(5): 5
Armenteros, Jorge Air Karen Corinne Herceg 38(3): 15
Askew, Rilla Most American George Held 38(6): 19
Benjamin, Walter The Storyteller Willis McCumber 38(5): 28
Bronner, Stephen Eric The Bigot Beverly C. Tomek 38(2): 17
Cappello, Mary Life Breaks In Aimee Parkison 38(1): 23
Colbert, Jamiee Wriston Wild Things Katie James 38(3): 22
Cooper, Ron The Gospel of the Twin Christopher A. P. Nelson 38(3): 26
Coover, Robert Huck Out West Stephen J. Burn 38(6): 16
Costello, Anthony Four American Poets Sharon Olinka 38(1): 11
Da, Laura Tributaries Jeanetta Calhoun Mish 38(1): 16
Despret, Vinciane What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions? Andrew Dorkin 38(3): 14
Di Leo, Jeffrey R. Criticism After Critique Daniel Rosenberg Nutters 38(5): 14
Dickinson, Stephanie Girl Behind the Door Kallie Wilbourn 38(4): 17
Dolce, Joe Brave New Weed Marc Jampole 38(3): 28
Draklyuk, Boris 1971 Kelly Cherry 38(1): 20
Ducornet, Rikki Brightfellow Daniel Green 38(5): 16
Edmundson, Mark Why Write? Daniel Rosenberg Nutters 38(3): 9
Epstein, Andrew Attention Equal Life Marc Jampole 38(1): 25
Even, Aaron R. He Comes in Fire Emily P. Levin 38(2): 18
Faville, Curtis and Robert Grenier, eds. The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner Charles Alexander 38(3): 25
Foy, D. Patricide Kevin Catalano 38(3): 18
Frangello, Gina Every Kind of Wanting Jorge Armenteros 38(1): 29
Frankel, Glenn High Noon Ron Capshaw 38(4): 25
Fried, Philip Squaring the Circle Michele Battiste 38(5): 21
Friedman, David Joel The Welcome Stephanie Rauschenbusch 38(4): 22
Friedman, David Joel Soldier Quick with Rain Stephanie Rauschenbusch 38(4): 22
Geroge, Jen The Babysitter at Rest Jill Powers 38(3): 27
Gills, Michael The House across from the Deaf School Calvin Haul 38(2): 22
Ginsberg, Allen The Best Minds of My Generation Michael Schumacher 38(6): 17
Gottlieb, Michael What We Do Mitch Highfall 38(3): 17
Gould, Roberta To the Dogs Stephanie Rauschenbusch 38(2): 24
Guerriero, Leila A Simple Story Diane Goodman 38(5): 19
Hamill, Janet Knock Karen Corinne Herceg 38(5): 25
Haraway, Britt Early Men Rene Martinez 38(4): 20
Hebald, Carol A Warsaw Chronicle Rosalie Calabrese 38(4): 18
Henley, Charley The Deep Code Emily P. Levin 38(1): 12
Hoover, Susan The Mathematics of Disengagement Rosalie Calabrese 38(2): 21
Huehls, Mitchum After Critique Kieran Smith 38(2): 11
Jaffe, Harold Gooestep Larry Fondation 38(5): 20
Johnson, J. Chester Now and Then Angelo Verga 38(6): 18
Jones, Hettie Love, H Ilka Scobie 38(4): 16
Jones, Stephen Graham Mongrels Billy J. Stratton 38(1):9
Kleinman, Loren Stay with Me Awhile Amanda Kelley Corbin 38(4): 28
Kramer, Robert K. Wordglass George Murphy 38(1): 16
Krecklow, Lee L. The Expanse Between Gabino Iglesias 38(4): 23
Kupperman, Kim Dana The Last of Her Katie James 38(4): 24
Kuppers, Petra Pearl Stitch Holly Brown 38(3): 24
Laabi, Absellatif In Praise of Defeat Ryan Kaveh Sheldon 38(4): 21
Laskin, Pamela L. Ronit & Jamil Laurel Kallen 38(3): 13
Levy-Hussen, Aida How to Read African American Literature Kinohi Nishikawa 38(5): 11
Liebler, M. L. I Want to be Once Angelo Verga 38(1): 22
Long, Laura Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods Sheldon Lee Compton 38(5): 27
Low, Denise Jackalope David J. Carlson 38(1):8
Lynch, Deidre Shauna Loving Literature Julie Orlemanski 38(5): 8
Madley, Benjamin An Ameican Genocide Duane Niatum 38(6): 22
Malabou, Catherine and Carolyn Shread, trans. Before Tomorrow Daniel T. O'Hara 38(3):4
Mallarme, Stephane Azure Diane Goodman 38(1): 18
Martin, Richard Techniques in the Neighborhood of Sleep Karen Corinne Herceg 38(1): 27
Massumi, Brain The Power at the End Of Economy Robert Lestan 38(2): 7
McCain, Bren One Good Mama Bone Kallie Wilbourn 38(5): 26
McClure, Michael Mephistos & Other Poems Jeffery Cyphers Wright 38(3): 16
McGonigle, Thomas...


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