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Callaloo 25.3 (2002) 738-739

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First System of Don Cherry

Gerald Majer

for Will Alexander

And a pulse—
quired index,
hugger-mugger flambeau,
tomcatted jousting
in a stroking of eventual range,
vascular furs
and the hussies of traits
fructifying stacked,
vinous and caged
until the fall to a work;
until the fall to a work:
kerygma devil stations,
callgirls talismanic,
hot pantologies
whipped to limpid physis,
the planks of insides
under skin of lux
and lunging nihils huffing fire,
haunt rent
stipulating yardarms
where justice blast feed
converts to hymenal blusters
a yestreen undulance
breasting dart armatures,
stoved hulls of coronations
in recombinant specula,
their ravish payment [End Page 738]
spilled drink of night:
stone-rolling cobras
coiling fractal doxa,
their tongues ribboned,
their duple horns
thrilling air,
leafing space.


Gerald Majer, winner of two Maryland State Arts Council Awards in Poetry, teaches literature and creative writing at Villa Julie College in Stevenson, Maryland. He has published in Brilliant Corners, Callaloo, Crazyhorse, Field, Shenandoah, The Georgia Review, and The Yale Review.



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