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C.A.A.S. Notes At the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for American Studies, held in Montreal in November 1970, the following officers were elected to serve during the new year: Virginia Rock, President; Joseph Gold, Vice-President; Ernest Redekop, Secretary; Fred Matthews, Treasurer. The current officers, and the Executive Board of the Association , wish to record their deeply felt gratitude to the retiring President, Peter Buitenhuis, for the leadership, intelligence, and devoted energy he provided during his term of office. The proceedings of the 1970 c.A.A.s. conference, organized around the theme of War and Society in North America, are presently being readied for publication by Thomas Nelson and Sons. The volume is being edited by Jack Granatstein of York University., who was the programme chairman , and Robert Cuff of York University. The papers deal with many aspects of the war experience: business, minority groups., literature, political leadership., and the effects of the American involvement in Vietnam. The papers and contributors include an introduction by Professors Granatstein and Cuff; Michael Bliss's Canadian Businessmen in the Great War: The Case of Joseph Flavell; Robert Cuff's Business, the State, and World War I; Bruce White's The American Melting Pot in World War I; Jill Conway's Women in World War I in the United States - Jane Addams; Desmond Morton's French Canadians and War; Bickford Sylvester's Hemingway's Unpublished Remarks on War and Warriors; James Hart's Protesting Voices in Left-Wing Periodicals, 1914-20; Craig Brown's Sir Robert Borden; Richard Polenberg-'s F.D. Roosevelt; Paul Levine's Literature and Politics; and Dennis Duffy-'s The Exile Experience - a discussion of the contemporary scene of u.s. draft dodgers and deserters in Canada. 62 All the papers had fine commentators: remarks by Roger Graham, President of the Canadian Historical Society; Ramsey Cook, York University; Joseph Waldmeir, Michigan State University; Stephen Scheinberg and Terry Copp, Sir George Williams; and Joseph Ernst, York University, are included, as well as the dinner address on Canada and Viet Nam by John Holmes, Director-General of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. Copies of the volume will be available probably in April through the publisher of the c.A.A.s. ...


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