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Notes on Contributors PETER BUITENHUIS, one of the founding members of CAAS, is chairman of Simon Fraser University's English Department. RALPH CURRY,chairman of the Department of English of Georgetown College in Kentucky, has served since 1957 as Director of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Horne in Orillia. JANET LEWISis an associate professor of English at York University. w. BRUCEWHITEis associate professor of History at Erindale College of the University of Toronto. DOUGLAS B.HILL,JR., is a member of the English Department of Erindale College. T. E. BLOMis a member of UBC's Department of English; an early version of his Anita Loos essay was presented to the 1974 CAAS meeting in Ottawa. Ross LABRIEis currently on sabbatical, and doing research on Thomas Merton, from UBC's Department ofEnglish. R.J. GRAY is a member of the Department of Literature of the University of Essex; his book on the literature of the modern South will be published in the fall. GENEBLUESTEIN, a performing and recorded folklorist in addition to being a teacher and critic, is a member of the English Department of the California State University, Fresno. MIKEFRANK is currently a William Rainey Harper Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago. J. T. LEMON is a professor in the Department of Geography, University of Toronto. CHRISTOPHERARMSTRONGand ROBERT CUFF are both members of York University's Department of History. GRAHAM ADAMS,JR., author of a study of violence in American labor history, is chairman of the History Department of Mount Allison University. 2 ...


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