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243 Notes on Contributors AlvinFinkel is a Lecturer in History at the University of Alberta. His publicationsinclude "The Origins of the Welfare State in Canada," which appearedin The Canadian State (1977). His forthcoming book is entitled, TheWelfareState in Canada. MarshallGilliland is an Assistant Professor of English at the University ofSaskatchewan. He delivered five lectures in the CTV University of the Airseries under the general subject, "The Experience of Literature." He 1 satworkon a study of American autobiography. BarrieHayne is an Associate Professor of English at Innis College, University ofToronto. He has published essays on Cooper, Poe, and Henry Adams, in such journals as the Journal of American Studies, American Literary Realism,and the Canadian Review of American Studies. His essays on pro-slaveryfiction have appeared in American Quarterly and the Pennsyl- , vania Magazine of History and Biography. He is at work on a book dealing withthe Confederate exiles in Canada at the end of the Civil War. KerryMcSweeney is an Associate Professor of English at Queen's University .He has published numerous essays on nineteenth-century literature, bothEnglish and American. Most recently he has published essays on Saul Bellow and on "Melville, Whitman, Dickinson and Psychological Criticism" inCriticalQuarterly. His previous contribution to the Review was an essay onEdmund Wilson. For a number of years he has been editor of Queen's Quarterly. StephenJ. Randall is Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of History,McGill University. He has published various articles in the CanadianJournal of History, The Americas, Journal of Inter-American Studies and World Affairs, and Revista Interamericana. As well, he contributedto a recent volume, A Foremost Nation, edited by Norman Hilmerand Garth Stevenson. The University of Toronto Press will publish hisbook, The Diplomacy of Modernization: United States-Colombian Relations , 1920-1940.He is engaged in a study of United States foreign petroleum policy, 1919-39. GeoffreyRans is Professor of English at the University of Western Ontario. Hehas published a book on Poe, as well as various essays on American 1 literaturein journals such as the Hudson Review, the Review of English Studies,and the Canadian Review of American Studies. He is on leave as , aReader at the Huntington Library where his research involves the theory of the romance. He is Past President of the Canadian Association for AmericanStudies. 244 Ernest H. Redekop is Associate Professor of English and Assistant Deani of Arts at the University of Western Ontario. His book on Margaret Avison was published in 1970. He is at work on a book on Cooper. Stephen Snyder is an Assistant Professor of English at the Universityof/ Manitoba. He has published an essay on Fellini in the Purdue Film Annual. 1 His book on Pasolini is forthcoming. He is as well co-editor of two collections f of essays on drama to be published by the University of Florida Press. Jacqueline Tavernier-Courbin is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Ottawa. She has published essays on Jack London, Theodore Dreiser, and William Dean Howells. Her book, Ernest Hemingway: l'educa. tion europeene de Nick Adams, will be published in France this fall. Suzanne Henning Uphaus is a Canadian teaching in the Department of American Thought and Language at Michigan State University. She has published essays in the Dalhousie Review, the University of Windsor Review, and the Journal of Narrative Technique. She published a review essayon Ishmael Reed's Flight to Canada in the Spring 1977 number of the Review. She is at work on a book on Stephen Leacock. L. F. S. Upton is Professor of History at the University of British Columbia. He has published several contributions to Loyalist history including a 1 biography of Chief Justice William South of New York and Quebec. Hel is currently studying the relationship of colonists and Micmac Indians in . the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Robert White is an Associate Professor of English and Humanities at York University. Most recently he has published an Introduction to the Portfolio, Photographs of the Farm Security Administration people in the Southin : the l930's, in volume one of Prospectives (1976). He is presently at work! on a study of Henry James and the Gilded Age. He is well known as 1 a founding...


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