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News Notes 263 News Notes THE ORAL HISTORY PROGRAM at California State University, Fullerton, announces the completion of three oral history projects: A History of Recreation in the California Desert; the Orange Cornmunity History Project (memoirs of longtime citizens of this area); the Richard M. Nixon Project (memoirs of individuals who were associated with the former Presidentin his pre-political years in southern California). For further information, contact the Publications Office, Oral History Program, Dept. of History, California State University, Fullerton, 92634. THE AMERICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA (ASA/ ROC) was officially founded on January 22, 1978, with Chen Chi-lui as President. The aim of the Association is to encourage research in American culture and to promote academic exchange on the subject of American Studies between the Republic of China and other countries. For more information, write to The American Studies Association of the Republic of China, c/ o Institute of American Culture, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115, Republic of China. THE DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES: 1789-1800, supported by the Supreme Court Historical Society and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, is a project to publish all documents which illuminate the development of the Supreme Court in its first decade. The editors are particularly interested in locating any correspondence of the following individuals: Chief Justices John Jay, John Rutledge, Oliver Ellsworth; Associate Justices John Blair, Samuel Chase, William Cushing, James Iredell, Thomas Johnson, Alfred Moore, William Paterson, Bushrod Washington, James Wilson. Please forward all information to: Dr. Maeva Marcus, The Supreme Court Historical Society, Suite 333, 1511 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. THE TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL MISSOURI VALLEY HISTORY CONFERENCE will be held in Omaha, Nebraska, March 8-10, 1979. Papers and sessions will focus upon the traditional topic and area studies, as well as quantification, psychohistory, teaching methodology, research tools and techniques and interdisciplinary studies. Paper/ session proposals, graduate paper / session proposals, moderator/ chair / commentator nominations should be submitted no later than November 1,1978to: Jacqueline D. St John, Program Chairperson, Missouri Valley History Conference, Dept. of History, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Box 688, Omaha, Nebraska, 68101. Professor Dick Harrison, Chairman of the conference CROSSING FRONTIERS , which was held in Banff in April, 1978, provides the following resume: 264 News Notes "It is gratifying to report that 'Crossing Frontiers' and its root idea of cultural and literary comparisons between the Canadian and American Wests provoked an unexpectedly strong response. More than 280 people attended, including about fifty Americans from as far away as Boston and Anchorage. As an expedition into a relatively uncharted area, the conference naturally discovered more questions than answers, but the kinds of questions raised may point to areas where answers are to be found. The term 'Frontier,' for example, became a kind of spark-gap, igniting the discussion in sometimes unexpected ways. Of all the connotations of that ambiguous term, the international border is the most obvious for this type of conference; yet the border, and the tension between mythic and historical realities, received the most scrutiny, preoccupying literary critics and historians alike. It seemed that in the subtle relationship between mythic and historical consciousness which characterizes any culture scholars saw the common ground from which they might at least identify each other across their various national and disciplinary boundaries. The proceedings of the conference will be published this Fall by the University of Alberta Press under the title of Crossing Frontiers." ...


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