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NewsNotes 271 News Notes The University of Pennsylvania Press has announced the establishment of the JOHN L. HANEY PRIZES for distinguished works of scholarship acceptedforpublication by the Press in both Humanities and Social Sciences. Twoprizes,each in the amount of $5,000.00, will be offered every two years; onein humanistic and one in social scientific studies. The prizes are made possibleby a bequest .whose terms reflect the donor's broad interest in scholarshipand learning as well as his long and devoted affiliation with the Universityof Pennsylvania. The first two prizes will be awarded for books publishedor accepted for publication by the Press in 1980 and 1981.All awardswillbe made by decision of the Editorial Board of the Press, upon the adviceof'panels of judges. The contest is not limited to works of scholarship by members of the University of Pennsylvania faculty, but is open to all scholarswithout limitation of academic or other affiliation. In order to be consideredfor a JOHN L. HANEY PRIZE, a manuscript must have been publishedor accepted for publication during the two-year period of each competition. The manuscript must be an original work of scholarship, previously unpublished and of book length, in the English language. Detailed rulesconcerning the contest are available from the Director, University of PennsylvaniaPress, 3933 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. RevueFrancaise d 'Etudes Americaines is a bi-annual journal devoted to the literature and civilization of the United States published by the French Associationof American Studies (AFEA). Since April 1976it has published issuesdevoted to the following topics: The Contemporary American Novel; American Radicalism; Civilization, Literature and Psychoanalysis, and Literature and Ideology; American Humor; Transcendentalism and the AmericanRenaissance; Ideology and the Mass Media in the U.S.; Arts and Societyin the U.S.; Aspects of Modernity in American Culture; and The Stranger in American Culture. Its forthcoming issues are devoted to The ContemporaryAmerican Theater (October 1980),and The City in American Culture (April 1981). Single issues are 25FF (including mailing); one-year subscriptionsare 50FF. All back issues are available. The address is: RFEA, 10rue Charles V, 75004 Paris, France. The US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, sponsors an "AdvancedResearch Program in Military History" asone means of stimulating research and study at the Army's major repository for materials in the historyof military affairs. Awards will be made only to cover expenses while conductingresearch and writing at this facility. Recipients will be designated "Advanced Research Project Associates." Applicants must complete a 272 NewsNotes written form describing the subject, scope, and character of their project; the time estimated for residence at MHI; how MHI facilities, personnel,and materials will aid in their research project; and a careful estimateof expenses to be incurred for which this grant is requested. Forms canbe obtained from the Institute. Careful consideration will be given to each project's usefulness for USAMHI and the professional field of militarv history, as well as the United States Army. Inter-disciplinary projectsar~ encouraged. Both civilian and military scholars in the field of militarv history are invited to apply to: Director, US Army Military History Institut~, Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013. Completed applications must be returned by1 January 1981. The United States Air Force Academy will host its NINTH MILITARY HISTORY SYMPOSIUM on 1-3 October 1980. The symposium, entitled "The American Military and the Far East," will examine the experienceof the US armed forces in East Asia and the Pacific since 1900. Program sessions include: 1)American Objectives and Strategy in the Far East; 2) American Pacification and Occupation in Asian Lands; 3) The Influence of the Orient on the American Military; and 4) The Impact of the American Military on Asian Societies. Noted scholars taking part in the proceedings include: Akira Iriye, Roger Dingman, Norman Graebner, John Gates, Ron Spector, D. Clayton James, Frank Kierman, C. I. Eugene Kim, Alvin Coox, Theodore Ropp and, from Japan, Sadao Asada and Ikuhiko Hata. Also, several individuals who have both first-hand military experience in theFar East and scholarly credentials, to include General Richard Stilwell, USA (Ret); Captain Paul Schratz, USN (Ret); Colonel Roy Flint, USA; and Colonel John Schlight, USAF, will deliver papers or comment. Other noted scholars participating include Frank Vandiver, Philip Crowl, Samuel...


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