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TheCanadian Review of American Studies, Volume 12, No. 1,Spring 1981 TheStudyof American Historyin Canadian Universities, 1919-1979: ABibliography of CanadianTheses and Dissertations on American History Linda Lee Thestudy of American history in Canada has increased steadily over the course of thetwentieth century and dramatically in the last two decades. This growth of interest in the American past is reflected in a burgeoning literature of masters theses and doctoral dissertations written on American topics and completed at Canadian universities.This bibliography attempts to provide a comprehensive listing of that literaturein order to acquaint scholars of American history with works which they mightotherwise overlook. The items listed have been gleaned from a number of sources, including issues of CanadianTheses (1947 to 1972) and Canadian Graduate Theses in the Humanities andSocial Sciences, 1921-1946, both published by the National Library of Canada. Otherpublications consulted were Theses on British Columbia Hist01:vand Related Subiects (University of British Columbia, 1971), University of Toronto Doctoral Theses1968-1975 (University of Toronto, 1977),and Wood, Kelly and Kumar's Canadian GraduateTheses 1919-1967: An Annotated Bibliography (Queens' University, 1967). Titlesofrecent theses and dissertations have been taken from citations marked "completed " in the Register of Post-Graduate Dissertations in Progress in Histo1:i•and Related Subjects, 1973to 1979 (compiled by the Public Archives of Canada and publishedby the Canadian Historical Association). In part, suggestions for sources camefrom the National Library of Canada's publication Theses in Canada. The bibliography encompasses works completed between 1919and 1979.The year 1419 is a convenient starting date because no systematic guide to earlier Canadian thesesand dissertations is available. It follows the chronological format used in the ReRisterof'Post-Graduate Dissertations m Progress in Hist01y and Related Subjects 130 LindaLee but, due to the special nature of the topics, asection on Canadian-American relations 1 has been appended. The bibliography is intended to be as comprehensive as possible. Consequenth. all works which appear to have some significance to the study of American histon have been included. The compiler assumes responsibility for the omission ofan~ relevant items inadvertently excluded. I. COLONIAL (to 1763) Gilmore, Robert Creighton. Causes of English colonization in America, 1550-1640 M.A., McGill University, 1947. Hoermann, Alfred Richard. A figure of the American enlightenment: Cadwallader Colden. Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1970.2v. Maroc, Donald Edward. Puritan farmers or farming Puritans; physical geographv and agricultural practices in NewEngland community formation. M.A., Univer~it~ of British Columbia, 1970. · Muise, Delphin Andrew. British policy and the Ohio Valley, 1754-1774;an exercise in mercantilism. M.A., Carleton University, 1964. Russell, P.E. British Officers in (sic) Seven Years'War. M.A., University of Western Ontario, 1974. Sammon, P.A. An alternative approach to history: A study in the relation of thought. language and trust using Jonathan Edwards. M.A., Queen's University, 1975. Sheps, Arthur Neal. English radicalism and revolutionary America. Ph.D., Umversm of Toronto, 1973.404 pp. Wilson, D. A. Thomas Paine: Anglo-American radical: An interpretive study.M.A .. Queen's University, 1977. II. REVOLUTION AND EARLYNATIONAL (1763-1815) Allen, Robert Sidney.Red and white: the Indian tribes of the Ohio Valley and Anglo· American relations, 1783-1796. M.A., Dalhousie University, 1971. Bargar, Bradley Duffer. The administration of Lord Dartmouth in the Amencan Department: 1772-1775. Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1952. Cooksey,RonaldLeslie.The Americanization of the Anglican Church in the Northern Colonies during the Eighteenth Century. Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1977. Farrell, David Rogers. Detroit, 1783-1796;the last stages of the British fur tradein the old Northwest. Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, 1968. Grant, John Norman. The immigration and settlement of the black refugees ofthe Warof 1812 inNovaScotia and New Brunswick. M.A., University of New Brunswick, 1970. Janzen, 0. U. Civil-militarycommand relations during the Boston Crisis, 1768-1770. M.A., Queen's University, 1974. Pemberton, I. C. Justus Sherwood: Vermont Loyalist, 1748-1798.Ph.D., Universtli of Western Ontario, 1973. Potter, Janice. "Is this the Liberty we seek'?" Loyalist ideology in colonial NewYork and Massachusetts. Ph.D., Queen's University, 1977. Potter,Janice Christine. The last alternative; the loyalistsin the American Revolution. M.A., Queen's University, 1971. Sainsbury, John...


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