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Noteson Contributors 265 Notes on Contributors RogerDaniels is Professor of History at the University of Cincinatti. He has recently published, with Sandra C. Taylor and Harry H.L. Kitano, eds., JapaneseAmericans: From Relocation to Redress (1986). He is Chair, Board of Editors, of the Statue of Liberty /Ellis Island Centennial Series being published by the University of Illinois Press. CraigHanyan is an Associate Professor of History at Brock University. He haspublished essays on the early history of the Erie Canal and on New York politicsin the early national period. He is completing a biography of De Witt Clintonand, with his wife, Mary, he is at work on an exploration ofNew York State politics in the period between the War of 1812 and the presidency of AndrewJackson. Roderick W. Harvey teaches in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Medicine Hat College. He has published essays in Canadian Literature, Canadian Poetry and Essays on Canadian Writing, as well as previousreview essays in CRevAS. David Macleod, a Canadian, is Professor of History at Central Michigan University.He has published essays in Histoire sociale-Social History and the Journal of Social History. He is the author of Building Character in the American Boy: The Boy Scouts, YMCA, and Their Forerunners, 1870-1920 (1983). DavidP.Peeler is an Assistant Professor of History at the United States Naval Academyat Annapolis. He has published essays in Southwest Media Review andthe Journal of American Studies and is at work on a book on Depression America. JuliaM. Reibetanz is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Toronto. She has published essays and reviews on nineteenth- and twentiethcentury literature in such journals as Dalhousie Review, English Studies, HumanitiesAssociation Review, Yeats/Eliot Review and CRevAS. She is the author of A Reading of Eliot's "Four Quartets" (1983). Laurence Shore is an Assistant Professor of History at Queen's University. HisSouthern Capitalists: The Ideological Leadership of an Elite, 1832-1885 isscheduled for publication this fall by the University of North Carolina Press. Clarence E. Walker is Professor of History at the University of California, Davis.His essays have appeared in Choice, History and Theory, the Journal of Ethnic Studies, The New York University Journal of International Law and Politics. He is currently working on a book, "Defenders of the Race History:A Black History 1836-1980." 266 Notes on Contributors James D.Wilson is Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studiesat Georgia State University. He is the author of The Romantic Heroic Ideal (1982)and of numerous essays on nineteenth-century English and American literature. He iscompleting a study of Mark Twain's short fiction for G.K.Hall. Carole Zucker is an Associate Professor of Film Studies at Concordia University.Her book, The Idea of the Image: Joseph von Sternberg's Dietrich Films, isforthcoming, as isMaking Visible the Invisible, a collection oforiginal essays that she has edited and for which she has written an introduction. News Notes The topic for next year's GRENA conference is "Conformity and Dissentin U.S. Life and Letters" (13 - 15 March 1987). Please send paper proposals, by 1 October 1986, to: Serge Ricard, GRENA Chairman, Universite de Provence, 29 avenue Robert Schuman, 13621 Aix en Provence CEDEX, France. ANNOUNCEMENT The Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association, antipodean equivalent of the MLA, will convene its 1987 meeting in February (midsummer) at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Beyond papers on mainstream topics in language studies and literary history and criticism, the 1987 meeting will place a special emphasis on feminist criticism and on literary theory. The keynote address is by Christopher Norris, who will speak on "Deconstruction, Literature, and Philosophy." Northern Hemisphere scholars are cordially invited to participate in the conference. Christchurch, where the meeting will be held, 1s a beautiful and civilized city, situated on the South Pacific against the backdrop of the Southern Alps. For further information, contact Dr. Gareth Cordery, Department of English, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. ...


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