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NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Lynne M. Adrian is assistant professor of American Studies at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Her work includes "Emma Goldman and the Spirit of Artful Living: Philosophy and Politics in the Oassical American Period, 11 appearing in Texas A & M Studies in American Philosophy, Vol. 1, and an introduction for Charles Fox's Tales of an American Hobo (University of Iowa Press). She is working on a book about the American hobo sub-culture, 1893-1940. John Braeman is professor of history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the author of Albert l. Beveridge: American Nationalist (1971) and Before the Civil Rights Revolution: The Old Court and Individual Rights (1988), and is currently writing a biography of the American historian Charles A. Beard. Garin Burbank is associate professor of history at the University of Winnipeg. His recent publications have appeared in this Review and in a variety of American historical journals. He is working on Reagan's reforms of the California welfare system. David H. F1ahertyis professor of history and law at the University of Western Ontario and an internationally-recognized authority on privacy. He is the author of Privacy in Colonial New England (1972), Privacy and Government Data Banks. An International Perspective (1979), Protecting Privacy in Two-Way Electronic Services (1985)and of the upcomingProtecting Pri\.·acy in Surveillance Societies: a Five-Nation Study (University of North Carolina Press, 1989). He has testified on privacy before subcommittees of the House of Commons, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. RichardNelson is assistant professor of history at the University of Maine at Machias. He has published essays on a variety of political and historical topics, and is writing a book entitled A Southern Elegy for Republican Virtue: the Agrarian Tradition in Decline from Tom Watson to Robert Penn Warren for the University Press of Mississippi. Peter Rist, after teaching for some years in the film program at the University of Western Ontario, has recently been appointed assistant professor of film at Concordia University. This year he completed a doctoral dissertation for New York University on Visual Style in the Work of John Ford. He has published in Cine Action!, Vanguard and other journals. Robert Rutherdale is a doctoral candidate in history at York University. He has recently published reviewsin Queen's Quarterly, Saskatchewan History and Acadiensis. Patrick Schmittis assistant professor of theatre at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He has worked extensively in theatre as an actor, director, playwright, dramaturge and teacher. His research interests centre on the connection between theory and practice in both drama and theatre. This article marks his first publication. Jason H. Silvermanis associate professor of history at Winthrop College, South Carolina. He is the author of Unwelcome Guests: Canada West's Response to American Fugitive Slaws, 18001865 (1985) and America to 1877: a Synoptic History (1989); and co-editor of volumes two and three of the Frederick Douglass Papers (1982, 1985). He is currently completing a volume entitled Beyond the Melting Pot in Dixie: Immigration and Ethnicity in Southern History for the University Press of Kentucky series, New Perspectives on the South. ...


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