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218 Announcements Canadian Review of American Studies Revue canadienne d'etudes americaines 25-27 June 1997. In recognition of the 150th anniversary of Thomas A. Edison's birth, the National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site, and the Organization of American Historians will cosponsor an international conference, "Interpreting Edison/ in Newark, New Jersey, and at Edison NHS in West Orange, New Jersey. The conference will bring together educators, museum curators, interpreters, and scholars from a variety of disciplines for a critical examination of Edison's impact on innovation, manufacturing, business, and popular culture. The Edison Site plans to publish selections from the conference proceedings. Cpntact: Leonard DeGraaf, Edison National Historic Site, Main Street and Lakeside Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 07052, tel: (201) 726-0550, or internet: edis_curatorial- 13-17 August 1997. The Nordic Association for American Studies' (NAAS) 15th Biennial Conference, "After Consensus: Critical Challenge and Social Change in America," will be held in Goteborg, Sweden. The conference will focus on changes in American society, politics, and culture including American Studies itself-associated with the decline of "consensus," specifically topics such as "culture wars," the literary canon debate, multiculturalism and ethnicity, the New Historicism, Cultural Studies, the new aesthetics, gay studies, feminism, politics and race, political realignment, and globalization. 5-8 November, 1994. The Southern Historical Association will be holding it's next annual meeting in Atlanta. Founded 2 November 1934, the Southern Historical Association encourages the study of history in the South, with emphasis on the history of the South. The Association publishes The Journal of Southern History, a quarterly circulated to more than 4,500 members and libraries in the United States and foreign countries. Sessions at Canadian Review of American Studies Revue canadienne d'etudes americaines 219 the annual meeting will be devoted to the fields of American, European, Latin America, and public history bringing together the most recent scholarship by historians in the South and historians of the South. For more information about the annual meeting and membership in the association, write: The Southern Historical Association, c/o Secretary-Treasurer William F. Holmes, History Department, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. Call for Manuscripts Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. This journal is inviting submissions for its twentieth anniversary issues, to appear in 1997. Though articles on any theoretical, generic, historical, or cultural aspect of life-writing are welcome, the editors are especially interested in essays which extend the range of biography, autobiography, hagiography, oral and group history into other fields and disciplines-film theory, social science, multicultural studies, science and technology, popular culture, marketing and media studies, medicine, law, or any other suitable frame. As part of our ongoing international emphasis, we would also like to see articles on life-writing outside the Anglo-American literary corridor. Though our planned series of histories of Asian biography makes essays dealing with Asian life-writing particularly welcome, work on Pacific, African, central and eastern Euoprean, Central and South American subjects is strongly encouraged. Manuscripts should be between 2,500 and 7,500 words. Please submit two copies of any manuscript. Since Biography has a double-blind submission policy, the author's name should not appear anywhere on either copy, but in the cover letter. Decisions about publication will be received within three months, and comments are provided for all essays received. Send submissions to the Center for Biographical Research, c/o Department of English, 1733 Donoghho Road, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822. For more information, contract the editor, Craig Howes, at, at (808) 956-3774. 220 Canadian Review of Amen can Studies Revue canadienne d'etudes americaines Geneologies, Miscegenations, Missed Generations. Travelling exhibition and illustrated critical anthology about racial and sexual indeterminacy, fall 1999. Send slides, abstracts, resume or CV and SASEto Erin Valentino, Department of Art and Art History, University of Connecticut, 875 Coventry Road U-99, Storrs, Connecticut, USA 06269; Tel: (860) 486-3930; fax (860) 486-3869; Call for Nominations Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Annual Article Prize 1996. Nominations for the Berkshire Conference Article Prize, for the best historical article authored by a woman scholar(s) teaching in North American (including...


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