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Canadian Review of American Studies/ Rl'Vue ca11adie1111e d'etudes amer,cames Volume 27, Number_\, 1997, pp 111-125 CanadianCulturalPolicy in a GlobalizedWorld ]oyce Zemans 111 In this paper, I focus on the need for a comprehensive strategy for Canadian culture that will take us in into the twenty-first century. I attempt to establish the need for a coherent policy in the cultural sector, and to illustrate that the L'tiltural sector is key to understanding the changing roles of the citizen and the nation; to education anrofessio11al Ii·ai11i11g for the Cultural Sector i11 Canada, by Michelle Rossignol and Peter White. Ottawa. 1994a. Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons Reviewing Canadian Foreign Policy. Canada's Foreign Policy: Principles and Priorities for the Future. Ottawa: Publications Service, Parliamentary Publications Directorate, 1994. 1994b. TIJe Canadian Information Higbway: Building Canada's ltzfor,nation and Commtmimtions fofi·astructure. Ottawa: Minister of Supply and Services. 1995. Co11nect1011, Commu111ty, Content: TI,eCballe11geof'tbe 111formattonHighway. Fmal foyce Zemans I 125 Report of the Information Highway Advisory Council. Ottawa: Minister of Supply and Services. Canada Council of the Arts. 1994a. "The Canadian Cultural Sector: Building the Creative Infrastructure," Ottawa, Canadian Conference of the Arts (January). 1994b. "The Canadian Cultural Sector: Putting Creativity and Imagination to Work," Ottawa. 1996. Canadian Coufereuce o( the Arts Bulletin, 0.'>/06/96. Coudse Oxford Dictio111uy.1990. 8th ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Frye, Northrop. 1967. T1ieModem Centwy, Toronto: Oxford Press. Grant, Peter. "WillCable Competitors Support or Threaten Canadian Content?" Robarts Seminar, transcript of Robarts Seminar, York University 28 November. Gwyn, Richard. 1995. Nationalism Without Walls: The UnbearableLightness of"Bei11g Ca11ada Toronto, McClelland and Stewart. Juneau, P., Murray, C. and P. Herrndorf. 1996. Making our Voices: Canadian Broadl:t1sti11g and Film for tbe 21st Century. Ottawa: Supply and Services. Lepage. Robert. n.d. "Tectonic Plates." Unpublished. _ 1997. T1nSeven Streams of"theRiver Ota. London: Metheun. Parker, Ian. 1988. "Economic Dimensions of 21st Century Cultural Strategy." In T11e Strategy of Canadian Culture in the 21st Centwy, edited by Ian Parker, John Hutcheson, and Patrick Crawley. Toronto: Topcat Communications. Reich, Robert. 1992. 11,eWork of"Natious: PreparingOurselvesfor 21't Centwy Capitalism. New York: Random House. Rensetti, Elizabeth. 1996. "Recording Industry Underfunded, Needs Tax Credit, Study Says," Globe and Mail (9 March). R1fk111 1 Jeremy. 1995. 77,eEnd of Work. New York: G.P. Putnams Son. Saul, John Ralston. 1995. TI1eUnco11scious Civilization. Toronto: Anansi. Spry,Irene. 1988. "Canadian Culture: Past and Future." In TI1e Strategyof Canadian Culture in the 21st Ceutrny,edited by Ian Parker, John Hutcheson, and Patrick Crawley. Toronto: Topcat Communications. Umted Nations. World Commission on Culture and Development. 1994. Third Meeting, SanJose, Costa Rica (February). Draft Preliminary Outline of the World Report on Culture and Development, typescript. _ World Commission on Culn1re and Development. 1995. Our CreativeDive,~,ity:Report of the World Commissio11on Culture and Development. France. Zemans, Joyce. 1994. "And the Lion Shall Lie Down with the Lamb," T1,eAmerican RevieUJof Canadian Stu.die.,24 (4): 509-536. ...


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