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CanadianReview of American Studies 159 Notes on Contributors H. W. Konrad is a professor of anthropology and history at the University of Calgary. His teaching fields include protest movements and race relations in the Americas. His publications include A Jesuit Hacienda in Colonial Mexico (Bolton Prize 1980), and he is currently writing on the ecologyideology relationship in the tropics. Matthew R. Laird is ABO in early American history at the College of William & Mary, and is the recipient of a SSHRCC doctoral fellowship. His research interests include Canadian-American relations in the colonial and early national periods. He presented a version of this article at the February 1993 meeting of the Southern American Studies Association in New Orleans . Lisa Langenbach is an associate professor of political science at Middle Tennessee State University. She has published several articles on the Christian Right and its impact on American politics and culture, including works on Pat Robertson's 1988 bid for the U.S. presidency and on evangelical ministers attitudes toward abortion. Priscilla H. Machado is an assistant professor of political science at the United States Naval Academy. She teaches courses in constitutional law, civil rights and civil liberties, criminal justice, as well as American government . Her research interests include criminal justice policy, the rights of the accused, and comparative jurisprudence. She has published articles on such topics as judicial review, comparative judicial federalism, and criminal justice policy. She is currently at work on a book-length manuscript on the law of search and seizure. Fred Matthews, who taught history and humanities at York University from 1967-1991, is the author of Quest for an American Sociology (1977),Northern California Railroad, 2 vols. (1983, 1984); and many essays in cultural history, most recently in the Cahiers de Recherche Sociologique and the Canadian Journal of History. 160 Canadian Review ofAmerican Studies Marian McKenna is professor (emeritus) of American history at the University of Calgary, where she taught courses in U.S. constitutional development . Her most recent publication is an edited work entitled The Canadian andAmerican Constitutionin ComparativePerspective(1993). Stephen E. Patterson is a professor of history at the University of New Brunswick, where he has also served as the department chair and director of graduate studies. He has published extensivelyin the field of early American history, includingPoliticalPartiesinRevolutionaryMassachusetts(1973), and more recently has focused his research on colonial Nova Scotia. Vincent Sacco is an associate professor and head of the department of sociologyat Queen's University. He received the PhD in sociology from the University of Alberta, in 1930. His research interests include victimology and community reactions to crime. Reginald C. Stuart is dean of humanities and sciences and professor of history and political studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. He has published on early U.S. foreign policy and his most recent book, United StatesExpansionismand BritishNorthAmerican, 1775-1871,won the 1990 Albert Corey prize. He now works in Canadian-American relations and writes historical novels set in the Early American Republic. ...


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