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Bever, Edward, and Randall Styers (eds.). Magic in the Modern World: Strategies of Repression and Legitimization. [The Magic in History Series.] (University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press. 2017. Pp. vi, 208. $74.95 cloth.)
Caravale, Giorgio. Beyond the Inquisition: Ambrogio Catarino Politi and the Origins of the Counter-Reformation. Trans. Donald Weinstein. (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. 2017. Pp. xvi, 419. $60.00 cloth.) The original Italian edition, Sulle traoce dell'eresia: Ambrogio Catarino Politi (1484-1553) (Florence. Leo S. Olschki, 2007), was reviewed by William V. Hudon, ante, XCV (April, 2009), 349-50. Donald Weinstein died after completing the translation of this book. Several items published in the last ten years have been added to the bibliography.
Chesterton, G. K. ABCs of the Christian Life: The Ultimate Anthology of the Prince of Paradox. Foreword by Peter Kreeft. (Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press. 2017. Pp. x, 180. $16.95 paperback.)
Fredriksen, Paula. Paul: The Pagans' Apostle. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 2017. Pp. xii, 319. $35.00 cloth.)
Hart, David Bentley. The New Testament: A Translation. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 2017. Pp. xxxviii, 557. $35.00 cloth.)
I am myn owene woman, wel at ese. In Memory of Margaret Jennings. (Leuven, Belgium: Peeters. 2017. Pp. vi, 45. €15,00 paperback.) Included in this booklet is a reprint of Jennings' article "Eyewitness: Ranulph Higden and the Troubling Events at Chester Monastery" (pp. 21–42), which was originally published in 2010.
Jenkins, Philip. Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World. (New York: Basic Books. 2017. Pp. xxxii, 303. $30.00 cloth.)
Kosek, Joseph Kip (ed.). American Religion, American Politics: An Anthology. Foreword by Jon Butler. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 2017. Pp. xvi, 255. $30.00 paperback.) A collection of thirty-five documents ranging in time from 1630 to 2008.
Kugel, James L. The Great Shift: Encountering God in Biblical Times. (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2017. Pp. xvi, 476. $30.00 cloth.)
Kurien, Prema A. Ethnic Church Meets Megachurch: Indian American Christianity in Motion. (New York: New York University Press. 2017. Pp. xiv, 279. $35.00 paperback.) On the encounter of the Mar Thoma church of Kerala with American evangelicals. [End Page 845]
Lamb, Charles, and Elizabeth Hogan. Notre Dame at 175: A Visual History. (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. 2017. Pp. xix, 175. $45.00 cloth.)
Larson, Edward J., and Michael Ruse. On Faith and Science. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 2017. Pp. vi, 298. $30.00 cloth.)
Lent, Jeremy. The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity's Search for Meaning. Foreword by Fritjof Capra. (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books. 2017. Pp. 569. $26.00 cloth.)
Pearce, Joseph (ed.). Death Comes to the War Poets: A Verse Tapestry. (South Bend, IN: St. Augustine's Press. 2017. Pp. vi, 63. $19.00 cloth.)
Shea, John. Seeing Haloes: Christmas Poems to Open the Heart. (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press. 2017. Pp. xiv, 79. $18.95 cloth.)
Tremayne, Peter. Penance of the Damned. A Mystery of Ancient Ireland. (New York: Minotaur Books. 2017. Pp. xiv, 338. $27.99 cloth.)
Weddle, David L. Sacrifice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. (New York: New York University Press. 2017. Pp. xii, 247. $30.00 paperback.)
Williams, Paul L. Among the Ruins: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church. (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books. 2017. Pp. 366. $24.00 cloth.)
Wycliff, Don, and David Krashna (eds.). Black Domers: African-American Students at Notre Dame in Their Own Words. (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. 2017. Pp. xii, 376. $29.00 paperback.) [End Page 846]


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