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  • "Kommt, um die Liebe zu lieben. "Maria Magdalena von Pazzi eds. by Michael Plattig and Edeltraud Klueting
  • Elisabeth Fischer
"Kommt, um die Liebe zu lieben. "Maria Magdalena von Pazzi. Edited by Michael Plattig and Edeltraud Klueting. [Karmel Paperbacks, 1. Vol. Münster: Aschendorff Verlag. 2016. Pp. 128, €14,80. paperback ISBN 978-3-402-12100-9.

This first collected edition of the Karmel Paperbacks was published by the Research Institute of the Carmelite Province of Germany, founded in 2016 in Mainz. In addition to the well-known and well-researched mystical experiences of the saint and mystic Maria Magdalena de' Pazzi (1566–1607), this short study explores the mysticism of the saint through the biographical dimension of this mysticism and de' Pazzi's spiritual development (p. 78).

Although addressing an academic audience, due to its brevity the study is merely an introduction to the life and mystical experience of the saint. Offering references to present-day concerns, the well-written volume manages to inspire its reader intellectually as well as spiritually.

In his first article (pp. 10–47) Plattig examines the life of saints in the social situation of Maria's Florentine home during the Renaissance and also considers changed concepts of piety and mysticism between the medieval period and sixteenth-century ideas of spirituality (p. 13). In his second contribution, Plattig analyzes de'Pazzi's mysticism (pp. 48–78) (see "Mystagogue," p. 74), underlining love as a key element of her spiritual development and characterizing her mysticism as daily practice.

In his article Bruno Secondin investigates1 (pp. 79–105) the question of the current relevance of de' Pazzi. In comparison, he highlights the unifying moment of the believer's desire for reforms in the Catholic Church of the twenty-first and sixteenth century. Moreover, he stresses the neglected role of the Holy Spirit for de' Pazzi's mysticism.

The edition concludes with a reprint of Pope Benedict XVI's letter on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of de' Pazzi's death in 2007 (pp. 106–11), and excerpts of de Pazzi's writings Quaranta Giorni and the Revelatione e Intelligentie (pp. 112–25).

The study is a recommendable introduction to the life, spirituality, and mysticism of de Pazzi. [End Page 809]

Elisabeth Fischer
University of Hamburg


1. Bruno Secondin, "Rinnovarela Chiesa. Con cuore amante e parole audaci. L'attualità di Maria Maddalena de'Pazzi," Carmelus, 63 (2016).



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