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Volume 91


Syphilization and Its Discontents: Experimental Inoculation against Syphilis at the London Lock Hospital / 1
Anne Hanley

Banning the Soviet Lobotomy: Psychiatry, Ethics, and Professional Politics during Late Stalinism / 33
Benjamin Zajicek

Revolutionizing Cuban Psychiatry: The Freud Wars, 1955–1970 / 62
Jennifer Lynn Lambe

As Long as Parents Can Accept Them: Medical Disclosure, Risk, and Disability in Twentieth-Century American Adoption Practice / 94
Sandra Sufian

Testing Drugs and Trying Cures: Experiment and Medicine in Medieval and Early Modern Europe / 157
Elaine Leong and Alisha Rankin

Determining a Drug’s Properties: Medieval Experimental Protocols / 183
Michael McVaugh

The Live Chicken Treatment for Buboes: Trying a Plague Cure in Medieval and Early Modern Europe / 210
Erik A. Heinrichs

Pharmacy, Testing, and the Language of Truth in Renaissance Italy / 233
Valentina Pugliano

On Anecdote and Antidotes: Poison Trials in Sixteenth-Century Europe / 274
Alisha Rankin [End Page 843]

Iatrochemistry and the Evaluation of Mineral Waters in France, 1600–1750 / 303
Michael Bycroft

Experimental Clinical Medicine and Drug Action in Mid-Seventeenth-Century Leiden / 331
Evan R. Ragland

Testing Drugs and Attesting Cures: Pharmaceutical Monopolies and Military Contracts in Eighteenth-Century France / 362
Justin Rivest

Playing God: Testing, Modeling, and Imitating Blood Miracles in Eighteenth-Century Europe / 391
Francesco Paolo de Ceglia

Therapeutic Proofs and Medical Truths: The Enduring Legacy of Early Modern Drug Trials / 420
Jeremy A. Greene

The Fielding H. Garrison Lecture

Trying Times: The Courts, the Historian, and the Contentious Struggle to Define Disease / 473
David Rosner

From One Medicine to Two: The Evolving Relationship between Human and Veterinary Medicine in England, 1791–1835 / 494
Abigail Woods

“A Little Seasoning Would Aid in the Digestion of Our Factums”: Wit, Evidence, and the Evolving Form of Medical Debate in New Orleans, 1853–1868 / 524
Amy Forbes

Vernacularizing the Body: Informational Egalitarianism, Hindu Divine Design, and Race in Physiology Schoolbooks, Bengal 1859–1877 / 554
Projit Bihari Mukharji [End Page 844]

Entitled to Addiction? Pharmaceuticals, Race, and America’s First Drug War / 586
David Herzberg

Treating the Secret Disease: Sex, Sin, and Authority in Eighteenth-Century Venereal Cases / 685
Olivia Weisser

Managing the “Obscene M.D.”: Medical Publishing, the Medical Profession, and the Changing Definition of Obscenity in Mid-Victorian England / 713
Sarah Bull

Between Colonial, National, and International Medicine: The Case of Bejel / 744
Liat Kozma

Plagued by Politics: Cuba’s National Sanatorium Project, 1936–59 / 772
Kelly Urban

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