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  • Subject and Author IndexVolume 91

Pagination according to issues: No. 1 (Spring): 1–156

  No. 2 (Summer): 157–472

  No. 3 (Fall): 473–684

  No. 4 (Winter): 685–838

Adams, Vincanne, ed., Metrics: What Counts in Global Health: 147–49

Addiction: and pharmaceuticals in America (Herzberg): 586–623

Adoption: American adoption practices (Sufian): 94–124

Ahuja, Neel, Bioinsecurities: Disease Interventions, Empire, and the Government of Species: 674–75

Alcabes, Philip, review by: 452–54

Apel, Thomas A., Feverish Bodies, Enlightened Minds: Science and the Yellow Fever Controversy in the Early American Republic: 447–49

Apothecaries: pharmaceutical testing in Italy (Pugliano): 233–73

Aronowitz, Robert, Risky Medicine: Our Quest to Cure Fear and Uncertainty: 149–50

Arrizabalaga, Jon, review by: 806–8

Artisans: workshop practice and apothecaries (Pugliano): 233–73

Authenticity: pharmaceutical testing in Italy (Pugliano): 233–73

Authoritarianism: in Cuban tuberculosis policy (Urban): 772–801

Avicenna: influence in early modern Germany (Heinrichs): 210–32

Baker, Robert, review by: 465–67

Barnes, David S., review by: 447–49

Bashford, Alison, review by: 674–75

Bashford, Alison, and Joyce E. Chaplin, The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus: Rereading the Principle of Population: 664–65

Bates, Victoria, Sexual Forensics in Victorian and Edwardian England: Age, Crime, and Consent in the Courts: 134–35

Batista: tuberculosis policy in Cuba (Urban): 772–801

Baynton, Douglas C., Defectives in the Land: Disability and Immigration in the Age of Eugenics: 675–77

Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond [exhibit], and Mike Jay, This Way Madness Lies: The Asylum and Beyond: 434–35

Berco, Cristian, From Body to Community: Venereal Disease and Society in Baroque Spain: 806–8

Berkowitz, Carin, Charles Bell and the Anatomy of Reform: 131–32

Blood: testing and miracles (De Ceglia): 391–419

Book trade: in Victorian England (Bull): 713–43

Botanical terminology: taxonomy and Italian pharmacy (Pugliano): 233–73

Breen, Benjamin, review by: 449–50

Brenner, Elma, Leprosy and Charity in Medieval Rouen: 439–40

Britain: nineteenth-century veterinary medicine (Woods): 494–523

British Empire: colonial Bengal (Mukharji): 554–85

Brogan, Stephen, The Royal Touch in Early Modern England: Politics, Medicine, and Sin: 129–31

Brown, Kathleen M., review by: 663–64

Bubo: chicken treatment for plague buboes (Heinrichs): 210–32

Bull, Sarah, “Managing the “Obscene M.D.”: Medical Publishing, the Medical Profession, and the Changing Definition of Obscenity in Mid-Victorian England”: 713–43

Burney, Ian, and Neil Pemberton, Murder and the Making of English CSI: 680–81

Burney, Ian, review by: 134–35

Burnham, John C., Health Care in America: A History: 442–44

Bycroft, Michael, “Iatrochemistry and the Evaluation of Mineral Waters in France, 1600–1750”: 303–30 [End Page 833]

Cayleff, Susan E., Nature’s Path: A History of Naturopathic Healing in America: 137–39

Chemical composition: of mineral waters (Bycroft): 303–30

Chemistry: mineral waters in early modern France (Bycroft): 303–30

Chicken: treatment for plague (Heinrichs): 210–32

Children: disabilities and adoption (Sufian): 94–124

Clinic: experimental clinical medicine in Leiden (Ragland): 331–61

Cold War: Cuba (Lambe): 62–93

Colonialism: and endemic syphilis (Kozma): 744–71

Comacchio, Cynthia, review by: 822–23

Comparative anatomy: in British veterinary medicine (Woods): 494–523

Condrau, Flurin, review by: 142–43

Confession: of venereal disease (Weisser): 685–712

Cordner, Alissa, Toxic Safety: Flame Retardants, Chemical Controversies, and Environmental Health: 824–25

Creole: Francophone New Orleans (Forbe): 524–53

Crook, Tom, review by: 136–37

Crawford, Matthew James, The Andean Wonder Drug: Cinchona Bark and Imperial Science in the Spanish Atlantic, 1630–1800: 133–34

Criminals: early modern poison trials (Rankin): 247–302

Cuba: psychiatry in Cuba (Lambe): 62–93

Cuba: tuberculosis policy (Urban): 772–801

Cueto, Marcos, review by: 816–17

Daar, Judith, The New Eugenics: Selective Breeding in an Era of Reproductive Technologies: 825–26

Das, Veena, and Clara Han, eds., Living and Dying in the Contemporary World: A Compendium: 827–28

De Azeredo, José Pinto, Essays on Some Maladies of Angola: 449–50

De Cegliaa, Francesco Paolo, “Playing God: Testing, Modeling, and Imitating Blood Miracles in Eighteenth-Century Europe...


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