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Aboubakr, Farah, Peasantry in Palestinian Folktales: Sites of Memory, Homeland, and Collectivity, 217–238

Aliakbari, Rasoul, American Aladdins and Sinbads: A Critical Bibliographic Examination of the Arabian Nights for Antebellum Nationhood, 261–294

Armknecht, Megan, Jill Terry Rudy, and Sibelan Forrester, Identifying Impressions of Baba Yaga: Navigating the Uses of Attachment and Wonder on Soviet and American Television, 62–79

Bullen, Elizabeth, and Naarah Sawers, The Fairy Tale Police Department: Hybridity, the Transnational Television Fairy Tale, and Cultural Forms, 24–43

D’Amore, Laura Mattoon, Vigilante Feminism: Revising Trauma, Abduction, and Assault in American Fairy-Tale Revisions, 386–405

Duggan, Anne E., Monstrous Modernity on French Television: La brigade des maléfices, 44–61

Hearne, Joanna, “I Am Not a Fairy Tale”: Indigenous Storytelling on Canadian Television, 126–146

Lezubski, Kirstian, Chasing Calimero: A Transcultural Television History of the Character and Brand from 1963 to 2014, 101–125

Magyarody, Katherine, Translating Russian Folklore into Soviet Fantasy in Arkadi and Boris Strugatski’s Monday Begins on Saturday and Catherynne M. Valente’s Deathless, 338–369

Qiu, Xiaoqing, Cinderella in Chinatown: Seeking Identity and Cultural Values in Year of the Fish, 370–385

Schwabe, Claudia, The Legacy of DEFA’s Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella in Post-Wall Germany: Tracing the Popularity of a Binational Fairy-Tale Film on Television, 80–100

Shamma, Tarek, Women and Slaves: Gender Politics in the Arabian Nights, 239–260

Terry Rudy, Jill, and Pauline Greenhill, Introduction: Transcultural and Intermedial Fairy Tales and Television, 15–23

Webb, Caroline, and Helen Hopcroft, “A Different Logic”: Animals, Transformation, and Rationality in Angela Carter’s “The Tiger’s Bride,” 314–337

Yamato, Lori, Surgical Humanization in H. C. Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” 295–312

Texts & Translations

Warner, Marina, Report: Bearer-Beings and Stories in Transit / Storie in Transito, 149–161


Abbruscato, Joseph, and Tanya Jones, eds., The Gothic Fairy Tale in Young Adult Literature: Essays on Stories from Grimm to Gaiman (Kim Snowden), 171–174 [End Page 446]

Bacchilega, Cristina, Fairy Tales Transformed? Twenty-First-Century Adaptations and the Politics of Wonder (Veronica L. Schanoes), 182–184

Bennett, Phillippa, Wonderlands: The Last Romances of William Morris (Caroline Webb), 194–197

Beveridge, Jan, Children into Swans: Fairy Tales and the Pagan Imagination (Alexandra Haynes), 176–178

Bottigheimer, Ruth B., Magic Tales and Fairy Tale Magic from Ancient Egypt to the Italian Renaissance (Bethany Hanks), 186–188

Carrassi, Vito, The Irish Fairy Tale: A Narrative Tradition from the Middle Ages to Yeats and Stephens, trans. Kevin Wren (Deanna Allred), 428–430

Duggan, Anne E., and Donald Haase, eds., with Helen J. Callow, Folktales and Fairy Tales: Traditions and Texts from Around the World, 2nd ed. (Carmen Nolte-Odihiambo), 416–419

Elswit, Sharon Barcan, The Latin American Story Finder: A Guide to 470 Tales from Mexico, Central America, and South America, Listing Subjects and Sources (John Bierhorst), 409–411

Forsyth, Kate, The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower (Melissa Mullins), 188–190

Frank, Natalie, illus., Tales of the Brothers Grimm, ed. Karen Marta (Kirsten Rae Simonsen), 413–416

Griffin, Miranda, Transforming Tales: Rewriting Metamorphosis in Medieval French Literature (Jack Zipes), 439–440

Hallett, Martin, and Barbara Karasek, eds., Fairy Tales in Popular Culture (Brittany Warman), 421–424

Hillard, Molly Clark, Spellbound: The Fairy Tale and the Victorians (Shannon Branfield), 190–192

Jones, Christa C., and Claudia Schwabe, eds., New Approaches to Teaching Folk and Fairy Tales (Theodora Goss), 424–426

Kennedy, Philip F., and Marina Warner, eds., Scheherazade’s Children: Global Encounters with the Arabian Nights (Amy Carlson), 174–176

Langrish, Katherine, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles: Reflections on Fairy Tales (Abigail Heiniger), 437–439

Lau, Kimberly J., Erotic Infidelities: Love and Enchantment in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber (Rona May-Ron), 178–180

Lindow, John, Trolls: An Unnatural History (Psyche E. Ready), 193–194

MacDonald, George, The Princess and the Goblin and Other Fairy Tales, ed. Shelley King and John B. Pierce (Sara Cleto), 411–413

Maggi, Armando, Preserving the Magic Spell: Basile’s “The Tale of Tales” and Its Afterlife in the Fairy-Tale Tradition (Bethany Hanks), 435–437

Murai, Mayako From Dog Bridegroom to Wolf Girl...


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