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  • Studies in English Literature 1500–1900Volume 57, 2017


Abstracts, Autumn 943
Abstracts, Spring 475
Abstracts, Summer 697
Abstracts, Winter 227
Abraham, Adam, “Dickens, ‘Dickensian,’ and the Pseudo-Dickens Industry” 751
Adams, John Henry, “Agentive Objects and Protestant Idolatry in Arden of Faversham 231
Bevan Zlatar, Antoinina, “Anne Clifford and Her Bible” 157
Bumke, Alison, “Cures and Currency in John Donne’s Letters to Patrons” 67
Cook, Trevor, “Sherlock Holmes and the Will to Forget” 841
Corse, Taylor, “Husbandry in Humphry Clinker, Tobias Smollett’s Georgic Novel” 583
Crunelle-Vanrigh, Anny, “Much Ado about Dancing” 275
Curran, Kevin, “Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama” 427
Dolven, Jeff, “Besides Good and Evil” 1
Eggert, Katherine, “Recent Studies in the English Renaissance” 181
Ellerbeck, Erin, “Adoptive Names in Thomas Middleton’s Women Beware Women 407
Fall, Rebecca L., “Popular Nonsense according to John Taylor and Ben Jonson” 87
Fosbury, Timothy L., “George Barnwell’s Long, Brief Life” 621
Garcia, Humberto, “Coleridge, India, and the Spectral Banyan Tree” 701
Glover, Brian, “Spectacle and Speculation on James Boswell’s German Tour, 1764” 561
Goldfarb Styrt, Philip, “Resistance Theory, Antigonus, and the Bear in The Winter’s Tale 389
Grogan, Jane, “Style, Objects, and Heroic Values in Early Modern Epic” 23
Haggerty, George E., “Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century” 645
Harrington, Emily, “Time’s Intervals, Swinburne’s Triumph” 799
Haydon, Liam D., “Paradise Lost and the Politics of the Corporation” 135
Lee, J. Seth, “Spencer’s Mind of Exile and Colonial Apologetics” 45
Lenthe, Victor, “Ben Jonson’s Antagonistic Style, Public Opinion, and Sejanus 349
Leonard, Nathaniel C., “Circling the Nuptial in As You Like It and Much Ado about Nothing 303
Lerner, Ross, “Weak Milton” 111
McQueen, Joseph, “Oscar Wilde’s Catholic Aesthetics in a Secular Age” 865
O’Gorman, Francis, “Swinburne in Difficulty” 823
Oldenburg, Scott, “The Petition on the Early English Stage” 325
Pearl, Jason H., “Peter Wilkins and the Eighteenth-Century Novel” 541
Pond, Kristen, “The Ethics of Silence in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette 771
Pritchard, Will, “Pamela’s Wedding Night” 521
Robbins, John, “Documenting Terror in Elizabeth Inchbald’s The Massacre 605
Schaffer, Talia, “Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century” 887
Wagner, Martin, “Defoe, Foucault, and the Politics of the Plague” 501
Ward, Matthew, “Laughter, Ridicule, and Sympathetic Humor in the Early Nineteenth Century” 725
Woodford, Benjamin, “The Intellectual Context of Thomas Otway’s Venice Preserved 479
Zoch, Amanda, “Macduff’s Son and the Queer Temporality of Macbeth 369
Zukerman, Cordelia, “Shakespeare’s Comedies, The Passionate Pilgrim, and the Idea of a Reading Public” 253

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