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  • Part 2 of Neo-Adlerian Approaches to Psychotherapy and Jon Carlson's Place in the History and Future of Individual Psychology
  • Jon Sperry and Len Sperry

We are pleased to introduce this second special issue on neo-Adlerian approaches to psychotherapy edited by Jon Carlson. The first neo-Adlerian issue (Vol. 73, No. 2) appeared in summer 2017, and we believe that you will find this one to be just as compelling. As a result of Jon Carlson's relationships with notable authors and practitioners who have developed and contributed to the development of various counseling approaches, this issue includes work by such individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of psychotherapy. In this issue, these authors each in turn explain the depth of Adler's influence on their particular approach to psychotherapy.

We would like to send out our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Jaclyn DeVore, the outgoing managing editor of JIP. She has truly been the backbone of the journal since April 2014 through her tireless efforts that have kept the journal in outstanding shape. We are extremely thankful for her assistance in transitioning both of us on as coeditors. Jaclyn will continue to contribute to the journal by staying on as a contributing editor. In addition to our appreciation for all that Jaclyn has contributed to the daily tasks of the journal, we would also like to express our gratitude to Drs. Bill Curlette and Roy Kern for their editorship. They have both contributed to the growth of the theory and research of Adlerian psychology for almost twenty years as editors, and we are most thankful for their contributions.

We write these editors' notes with heavy hearts since Jon's passing in February 2017. Jon touched the lives of so many during his time with us; we hope to continue to embrace his never-ending enthusiasm to contribute to the theory of Individual Psychology. This issue is dedicated to Jon's legacy, which will live on through the individuals he has touched through his many books, DVDs, and trainings. Below, Len has included a nonexhaustive list of Jon's contributions to Individual Psychology and beyond. [End Page 265]

Arguably, there are influential individuals who have had an indelible impact on Individual Psychology, more than Jon Carlson, but not many. To introduce this special issue, I would like to accompany you on a brief journey through the most dynamic and impactful life of my colleague and friend. It provides a useful context for better understanding the importance of Jon's richly storied life as well as this two-part special issue edited by Jon himself.

It is not always easy to sum up a person's life and achievements, but I will try with two observations. First and foremost, Jon was a tireless advocate of Individual Psychology, particularly Adlerian therapy in all its forms: individual, couples, groups, and families. Second, Jon was a bridge builder and an ambassador in bringing Adlerian ideas into professional organizations that had not been previously receptive to Individual Psychology.

Infusion of Adlerian Approach in Professional Organizations

As you probably know or will soon see, Jon Carlson's accomplishments stagger the imagination. Some of his accomplishments are well known, while some others are less obvious yet profoundly important. As I observed him over the years, I had no doubt that his commitment to Adlerian Psychology imbued every fiber of his being, and he continually advocated it in his teaching, his consulting, and his clinical practice both within and outside the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). In fact, his Adlerian roots were well known to professional psychology, marital and family therapy, and counseling organizations. This section highlights his accomplishments and achievements in seven organizations.

Journal of Individual Psychology

Jon's impact on the Journal of Individual Psychology (JIP) began when he was named editor of Individual Psychologist in 1981 and then in 1982 continued as editor—after the journal merged with Journal of Individual Psychology; at that same time, Guy Manaster became editor of the Theory and Research issues. For 15 years, Jon creatively pushed the boundaries of [End Page 266] Adlerian clinical practice with his innovative ideas. Among his many...


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