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The meadow seems a void situated in the forest but, it too is composed of micron-thin slices of the brain

frozen for later study to pinpoint exactly the neuron fired exactly once, thus cascading towards the paroxysm

of love like tracing the forest to a single tree, extricating it and thus putting an end

to the violence of expression only once, come now, my people with axes and propagate reason. [End Page 142]


A marketable voice in an unusable space should be sufficient for my elegy of indifference passed through the crystal structure of, say, apple trees. It takes years of training to become an interior designer

yet after six weeks I am sent to save lives but what is that compared to saving a marriage and dare I raise the conjecture on American ideals being informed by loneliness, obsession with boredom?

I take taxation and sterility with credulity and heart breaking up in the caffeine habit

well’s dried up by the forest reverse conclusions in fragments of a mirror [End Page 143]

Jack Avani

Jack Avani has spent the last couple years coaxing fabulous structure out of rubble and thereby bottling city moans; out by the train station become one of the vagrant; one of the few left ready to defer to close-quarters shit in any pinch or attempt to compartmentalize his style.



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