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Callaloo 25.2 (2002) 437

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Terrance Hayes

For now I am in love with the navy blue
blouse falling upon the back of the chair,
shoulders hiked & squared before it slipped
from the stone sweating in the notch
at the bottom of your throat. I have learned
to watch evenings collapse without hindrance
around the edges of a bed. Earlier
in the kitchen by the stove, you pulled
at one or two buttons and I knew
what it meant: clear bottles of darkness,
a flag of twilight on the carpet & papered walls
of a continent, the blue hills & bluer valleys
of the blouse. You are a map without boundaries,
Wife. You are a river without end.


Terrance Hayes is author of Masculine Musk and Hip Logic, the latter of which is a 2001 National Poetry Series selection, to be published in 2002.He has won both the Whiting Writers Award and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



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