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Callaloo 25.2 (2002) 403

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My American Blue Jeans

Yona Harvey

Your fabric shrinks away from me,
intent on another woman's body.
Stubborn catastrophe of denim, improper
lover, I should have known better than to
bring you home.
But I'd wandered in the cloth
of sweats for weeks, succumbed to all
the shapeless fabrics without cause
to dawdle in mirrors.
Little dictator of style,
I ought to let you go—classic or low-rise, you
cannot be trusted.
You feigned friendship on a crowded bus
& paid the girl inside the magazine
to smile & nod her approval.
How many girls like her have you been with?
Have you ever held truthfully hips like mine?


Yona Harvey is a graduate of Howard University and The Ohio State University, where she received the MFA degree. She lives in Pittsburgh.



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