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  • The 125th Anniversary of the Hawaiian Historical Society
  • Shari Y. Tamashiro

This year the Hawaiian Historical Society celebrates its 125th anniversary. Established in 1892, the HHS is a private not–for–profit organization founded by a group of prominent Hawai'i citizens. Original members included: Charles R. Bishop, President; Joseph S. Emerson, Esq., Vice President; Prof. William D. Alexander, Corresponding Secretary; Rev. Charles M. Hyde, D.D., Recording Secretary; Dr. C. T. Rogers, Librarian; and George P. Castle, Esq., Treasurer. These individuals were dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing materials on the history of Hawai'i.

Today, the Society continues its mission by preserving historical materials, presenting public lectures, and publishing scholarly research on the history of Hawai'i. The HHS publishes books in English and Hawaiian, and The Hawaiian Journal of History. The Journal, published annually since 1967 and a benefit of membership, is a leading peer–reviewed journal that focusses on the history of Native Hawaiians and all other cultures in Hawai'i during both pre–and post–contact times.

In recognition of the 125th anniversary, The Hawaiian Journal of History features the Hawaiian Historical Society's logo on its cover. Artist Linda Oszajca designed the logo in 1977 based on elements from an older logo. The two islands represent the Hawaiian Islands, the double–hulled sailing canoe represents the culture of the Native Hawaiians who found and settled the islands, and the three–masted sailing ship represents the cultures of the non–Hawaiians who followed. [End Page 1] The President's Report from the Hawaiian Historical Society's 86th Annual Report in 1977 included the following:

Membership. On the subject of membership, Nancy Kwok and Peg Apple have worked hard and effectively to increase the membership rolls. Nancy talked a talented young artist, Linda Oszajca, into designing and producing a new logo for the Society which is decorative and multi–purpose. Linda has adapted her basic design for use on the Newsletter, membership cards and other printed material produced by the Society.

Today, Linda Oszajca is a well–known illustrator, art teacher, graphic and textile designer, author, and fine artist. Her works are found in many public and private places and reflect her love of things Hawaiian.

In addition to featuring its logo on the cover of HJH 2017 as part of its 125th anniversary celebration, the Hawaiian Historical Society would also like to recognize the Society's members who have served as its president. They include the following:

1892–1894: Charles R. Bishop
1895–1897: William R. Castle
1898–1904: Nathaniel B. Emerson
1905–1907: William D. Alexander
1908: George R. Carter
1909: Alfred S. Hartwell
1910–1911: William D. Westervelt
1912: George R. Carter
1913: Albert F. Judd
1914–1915: George R. Carter
1916: Sanford B. Dole
1917: Walter F. Frear
1918: Sanford B. Dole
1919–1920: Joseph S. Emerson
1921: Herbert E. Gregory
1923–1925: Bruce Cartwright
1926–1933: Henry B. Restarick
1934–1935: Henry P. Judd
1936: Ethel M. Damon
1937: Edwin H. Bryan, Jr.
1938–1939: Walter F. Frear
1940–1943: Ralph S. Kuykendall
1944: J. Tice Phillips
1945: J. Garner Anthony
1946: Samuel Wilder King
1947–1950: Milton Cades
1951–1952: Nancy Corbett
1953–1955: Meiric K. Dutton
1956–1958: Charles H. Hunter
1959: William R. Norwood
1960–1963: Harold W. Kent
1964–1965: Edward Joesting
1966: Kaupena Wong
1967–1969: Agnes C. Conrad
1970: Thomas Nickerson
1971: Donald D. Johnson
1972–1973: Frances Jackson
1974–1975: E. Alison Kay
1976: Peggy Kai
1977–1978: Rhoda E. A. Hackler
1979–1980: Donald D. Johnson
1981–1983: Alexander Spoehr
1984–1985: Robert L. Cushing
1985–1986: Norman Meller
1986–1988: C. Dudley Pratt, Jr.
1988–1990: John T. Goss
1990–1991: Jim Becker
1991–1993: C. Dudley Pratt, Jr.
1993–1994: Thomas K. Lalakea
1994–1996: Helen G. Chapin
1996–1998: Mary Philpotts–McGrath
1998–2000: Thomas S. Dye
2000–2001: John W. McGrath
2001–2004: Hardy Spoehr
2004–2006: John Clark
2006–2007: C. Dudley Pratt, Jr.
2007–2011: John Clark
2011–2013: Glenn E. Mason
2013–2014: Helen Wong Smith
2014–2015: M. Puakea Nogelmeier
2015–2017: Shari Y. Tamashiro
2017–2018: Ronald C. Williams, Jr.

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