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W. S. Bubelis, Hallowed Stewards: Solon and the Sacred Treasurers of Ancient Athens (C. Taylor) 156.

M. Domingo Gygax, Benefaction and Rewards in the Ancient Greek City: The Origins of Euergetism (P. Hunt) 152.

M. C. Farmer, Tragedy on the Comic Stage (C. Catenaccio) 146. [End Page 157]

B. W. Frier (ed.), The Codex of Justinian. A New Annotated Translation, with Parallel Latin and Greek Text (J. E. G. Zetzel) 154.

L. Fulkerson and T. Stover (eds.), Repeat Performances: Ovidian Repetition and the Metamorphoses (B. Pavlock) 150.

W. V. Harris, Roman Power: A Thousand Years of Empire (K. R. Bradley) 143.

L. Kozak, Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad (L. Pratt) 148.

C. W. Marshall and T. Hawkins (eds.), Athenian Comedy in the Roman Empire (C. M. X. Dance) 144.

J. Master, Provincial Soldiers and Imperial Stability in the Histories of Tacitus (C. Gillespie) 139.

R. Pirngruber, The Economy of Late Achaemenid and Seleucid Babylonia (M. Van De Mieroop) 149.

M. Telò, Aristophanes and the Cloak of Comedy: Affect, Aesthetics, and the Canon (W. E. Major) 140.

R. J. A. Wilson, Caddeddi on the Tellaro: A Late Roman Villa in Sicily and its Mosaics (A. Crisà) 141. [End Page 158]

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