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Albanese, Mary Grace. Experimental Maisie: Zolien Naturalism and the Compulsion to Convert. 53–70.

Anesko, Michael. The Textual Condition of The Ambassadors: A Revised Scenario. 134–56.

Biederman, Lucy. After the Year of Henry James: The Undermining of Authority in Short Fictions by Cynthia Ozick and Joyce Carol Oates. 87–100.

Buccholtz, Mirosława. A Bust and a Novel: Two Sculptors’ Homages to Henry James. 280–288.

Costa, N. V. S. The Rhetoric of Space in James’s The Wings of the Dove. 176–87.

Donoghue, Denis. Henry James in the Great Tradition. 209–218.

Gonfiantini, Matteo. Luca Ronconi: Temporality and Illusions in the Adult-Child. 260–266.

Griffin, Susan M. Introduction to Commemorating Henry James Forum. 207.

Haviland, Beverly. Taking Liberties with the Past: Monuments, Memorials, and Memory. 267–279.

Heffernan, Julian Jimenez. “Constructed to Revolve”: Interest in Henry James. 188–205.

Hext, Kate. Henry James’s Impressionistic Satire of the Decadent Movement in the Yellow Book. 37–52.

Horne, Philip. Henry James, Winchelsea, Rye, and Thackeray’s Denis Duval. 219–230.

Kassanoff. Poynton: Notes on the Management of a Spoiled Identity. 71–86.

Kuiken, Vesna. 1884: The Princess Casamassima, Anarchy, and Henry James’s Materialist Poetics. 113–33. [End Page 311]

Lustig, T. J. Mocking the Master: Early Responses to The Sacred Fount. 22–36.

Reeve, Neil. Fingers of Memory: “The Bench of Desolation.” 245–249.

Ross, Shawna. The (Meme) Master: James’s Afterlives in Viral Satire. 289–301.

Salway, Matthew. Breaking the “Mould” of The Ambassadors. 1–21.

Savoy, Eric. Jamesian Hauntology: On the Poetics of Condensation. 238–244.

Seybold, Matt. “Delusive Hopes of Matrimony and Dollars”: Confidence and the Marriage Market in Henry James’s Early Fiction. 157–75.

Wilson, Ross. Henry James at Any Rate. 250–259.

Yeazell, Ruth Bernard. Remembrance of Things Present in The Ambassadors. 231–237.

Review Essays

Buchholtz, Mirosława. Henry James’s Bowing Acquaintance with Germany. Review of Mhairi Pooler, Writing Life: Early Twentieth-Century Autobiographies of the Artist-Hero, and Verena Auffermann, Henry James. 302–307.

Müller, Timo. Henry James and Transatlantic Modernism. Review of Robert Burden, Travel, Modernism, and Modernity; Anne Fernihough, Freewomen and Supermen: Edwardian Radicals and Literary Modernism; and Megan Quigley, Modernist Fiction and Vagueness: Philosophy, Form, and Language. 101–07.

Rowe, John Carlos. Review of Henry James, The Europeans. Ed. Susan M. Griffin. Vol. 4. The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James. 34 vols.; and Henry James, The Ambassadors. Ed. Nicola Bradbury. Vol. 18. The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James. 34 vols. 108–11.

Online Book Reviews

Hutchison, Hazel. Review of Pierre A. Walker and Greg W. Zacharias, eds. The Complete Letters of Henry James 1876–1878; Walker, Pierre A., and Greg W. Zacharias, eds. The Complete Letters of Henry James 1878–1880; and Alan G. James, ed. The Master, The Modern Major General and his Clever Wife: Henry James’s Letters to Field Marshal Lord Wolseley and Lady Wolseley 1878–1913. E-12–E-15.

O’Donnell, Patrick. Review of Alice Gavin, Literature and Film, Dispositioned: Thought, Location, World. E-9–E-11.

Raw, Laurence. Review of George Monteiro. Reading Henry James: A Critical Perspective on Selected Works. E-25–E-26.

Rosenberg, Joseph Elkanah. Review of Vincent Sherry, Modernism and the Reinvention of Decadence. E-22–E-25.

Salati, Marie-Odile. Review of Thomas Constantinesco, ed. Henry James: Écrits sur la peinture. E-16–E-19.

Walker, Pierre A. Review of Martha Banta, Henry James: An Alien’s “History” of America. E-1–E-4.

Whalan, Mark. Review of Hazel Hutchison, The War That Used up Words: American Writers and the First World War. E-19–E-22.

Zacharias, Greg. Review of Susan Winnett, Writing Back: American Expatriates’ Narratives of Return. E-4–E-9. [End Page 312]



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