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  • Community Academic Partnerships:Further Reading

See the reference list below for some of the work conducted by the community academic partnerships mentioned in this issue.

Community-Academic Partnerships to Improve Hispanic Immigrant Health: Perspectives from a Doctoral Student

J. Claire Schuch


Dulin, M. F., Tapp, H., Smith, H. A., de Hernandez, B. U., Coffman, M. J., Ludden, T., Sorenson, J., & Furuseth, O. J. (2012). A trans-disciplinary approach to the evaluation of social determinants of health in a hispanic population. BMC public health, 12(1), 769.

Youth ADAPT NC (2015). About Youth Adapt NC (Always Developing by Acting, Preparing, and Transforming) Retrieved from

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Reflections on Cultivating Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships with the Afghan Immigrant Community

Mehra Shirazi


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Be Careful What You Wish For: A Community-Academic Student Partnership Story

Trina C. Salm Ward, Mary C. Mazul, Martha L. Berry and Amy E. Harley


Mazul, M. C., Salm Ward, T. C., Ngui, E. M. (2017). Anatomy of good prenatal care: Perspectives of low income African-American women on barriers and facilitators to prenatal care. Journal of Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities, 4(1), 79–86.

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The Power of The Personal: Breaking Down Stereotypes and Building Human Connections

Gay R. Thomas, Betty L. Kaiser and Kaitlin Svabek


Kaiser, B. L., Thomas, G. R., & Bowers, B. J. (2016). A Case Study of Engaging Hard-to-Reach Participants in the Research Process: Community Advisors on Research [End Page E17] Design and Strategies (CARDS)®. Research in Nursing and Health. doi:10.1002/nur.21753

Bowers, B., Jacobson, N., & Krupp, A. (2016). Can Lay Community Advisors Improve the Clarity of Research Participant Recruitment Materials and Increase the Likelihood of Participation? Research in Nursing and Health. doi:10.1002/nur.21752

Stigma as a Facet of Community-Academic Partnership

Sally Mason


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Engaging the Disengaged Community: Opportunities, Strategies and Lessons Learned Working with African American Males

Keon L. Gilbert


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Engagement and Quality of Life in Under-represented Older Adults: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project

Ellen R. Brown, Yvonne Lu, Joyce Beaven, Hugh C. Hendrie, Karen Hanson, Carly A. Carvell and Mary G. Austrom


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Guerriero Austrom, M., Brown, E., Lu, Y., Hendrie, H.C. (2015, March). Seniors Helping Seniors: Engagement and Quality of Life. Workshop presentation at the annual meetings of the American Society on Aging, Chicago, IL. [End Page E18]

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