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Alborn, Timothy: The Greatest Metaphor Ever Mixed: Gold in the British Bible, 1750–1850 3 427
Bevir, Mark: John Rawls in Light of the Archive: Introduction to the Symposium on the Rawls Papers 2 255
Bitzan, Amos: Leopold Zunz and the Meanings of Wissenschaft 2 233
Bok, P. MacKenzie: “The Latest Invasion from Britain”: Young Rawls and His Community of American Ethical Theorists 2 275
Botti, Daniele: Rawls on Dewey before the Dewey Lectures 2 287
Cahoone, Lawrence: The Metaphysics of Morris R. Cohen: From Realism to Objective Relativism 3 449
Chaplin, Joyce E.: 2016 Arthur O. Lovejoy Lecture: Can the Nonhuman Speak? Breaking the Chain of Being in the Anthropocene 4 509
Del Soldato, Eva: Saving the Philosopher’s Soul: The De pietate Aristotelis by Fortunio Liceti 4 531
Doan, Laura: Marie Stopes’s Wonderful Rhythm Charts: Normalizing the Natural 4 595
Foley, Adam: Miltonic Sublimity and the Crisis of Wolffianism before Kant 1 51
Gališanka, Andrius: Just Society as a Fair Game: John Rawls and Game Theory in the 1950s 2 299
Handley, Sasha: Deformities of Nature: Sleepwalking and Non-Conscious States of Mind in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain 3 401
Heydt, Colin: The Problem of Natural Religion in Smith’s Moral Thought 1 73
Holley, Jared: Theory, Practice, and Modernity: Leo Strauss on Rousseau’s Epicureanism 4 621
Hui, Andrew: The Many Returns of Philology: A State of the Field Report 1 137
Kohler, George Y.: “Scholasticism Is a Daughter of Judaism”: The Discovery of Jewish Influence on Medieval Christian Thought 3 319
Leitão, Henrique and Antonio Sánchez: Zilsel’s Thesis, Maritime Culture, and Iberian Science in Early Modern Europe 2 191
Lo, Melissa: The Picture Multiple: Figuring, Thinking, and Knowing in Descartes’s Essais (1637) 3 369
Maloy, J. S.: Bodin’s Puritan Readers and Radical Democracy in Early New England 1 1
Marshall, David: A Thousand Warburgs 4 645
Priest, Greg: Charles Darwin’s Theory of Moral Sentiments: What Darwin’s Ethics Really Owes to Adam Smith 4 571
Prins, Jacomiens: Girolamo Cardano and Julius Caesar Scaliger in Debate about Nature’s Musical Secrets 2 169
Reidy, David A.: Rawls on Philosophy and Democracy: Lessons from the Archived Papers 2 265
Serjeantson, Richard: Francis Bacon’s Valerius Terminus and the Voyage to the “Great Instauration” 3 341
Smith, David Chan: Useful Knowledge, Improvement, and the Logic of Capital in Richard Ligon’s True and Exact History of Barbados 4 549
Summers, Carol: Adolescence versus Politics: Metaphors in Late Colonial Uganda 1 117
Taylor, Simon W.: Between Philosophy and Judaism: Leo Strauss’s Skeptical Engagement with Zionism 1 95
van Bunge, Wiep: Spinoza’s Life: 1677–1802 2 211
van der Lugt, Mara: The Body of Mahomet: Pierre Bayle on War, Sex, and Islam 1 27
Vanheeswijck, Guido M.: The Philosophical Genealogy of Taylor’s Social Imaginaries: A Complex History of Ideas and Predecessors 3 473

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