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South Africa

Journal of Theology for Southern Africa (Pietermaritzburg)

Louis W. Ndekha, "Ambivalence in Interreligious Relations in Malawi: Is an African Model of Interreligious Relations Possible?" No. 152 (July, 2015), 114–130.


Swedish Missiological Themes (Svensk Missions Tidskrift) (Uppsala)

Hans Olsson, "Pentecostalism and the Other: Seclusion, Engagement, and Spiritual Warfare." Vol. 102, No. 4 (2014), 391–411.


The Ecumenical Review (Geneva)

A special issue on "A Dialogue on Believers' Baptism" (Vol. 67, No. 3 [October, 2015]) includes articles by David M. Thompson, Neville G. Callam, Denise D. Kettering-Lane, John Mark Hicks and Mark Weedman, Robert K. Welsh, Fernando Enns, Alfred Neufeld, Daniel Tomberlin, and Dagmar Heller.

The following articles appear in Vol. 67, No. 4 (December, 2015):

Musa W. Dube, "Let There Be Light! Birthing Ecumenical Theology in the HIV and AIDS Apocalypse," pp. 531–542.
Nico Koopman, "Towards an Ecumenicity of Inclusivity in a Context of Exclusion and Alienation," pp. 559–571.
CJP (Nelus) Niemandt, "Relational Ecumenism: How Ecumenism Changed the Mind and Heart of the Dutch Reformed Church," pp. 607–620.
Jerry Pillay, "Ecumenism in Africa: Theological, Contextual, and Institutional Challenges," pp. 635–650. [End Page 473]

A special issue on "Roots of Religious Violence in the Middle East" (Vol. 68, No. 1 [March, 2016]) includes articles by Jürgen Moltmann, Olav Fykse Tveit, Clare Amos, Luis N. Rivera-Pagán, Ulrike Bechmann, Jamal Khader, Mark Braverman, and Mouchir Basile Aoun.

A special issue on "Ecumenical Identity and Self-Understanding" (Vol. 68, Nos. 2–3 [November, 2016]) includes articles by Hyunju Bae, Agnes R. M. Abuom, Olav Fykse Tveit, Hielke Wolters, Ciprian Iulian Toroczkai, Nicu Dumitraşcu, and Diane C. Kessler.

Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift (Bern)

The following articles appear in Vol. 105, No. 1 (January–March, 2015), a special issue on the "XXXI. Internationaler Altkatholikenkongress, 18.–21. September 2014 in Utrecht":

Mattijs Ploeger, "The Churches of the Union of Utrecht in an Ecumenical Context: Introduction to the Symposium for Ecumenical Guests, September 20, 2014," pp. 31–36.
Joris Vercammen, "Old Catholic Charism: Conclusion of the Symposium," pp. 37–40

The following articles appear in Vol. 105, No. 2 (April–June, 2015):

Dick Schoon, "The Union of Utrecht among the Christian World Communions: A Comparative Perspective," pp. 91–103.
Douglas Pratt, "Religious Minorities and Interreligious Relations: Social and Theological Challenges," pp. 151–156.
Urs von Arx, "Die Einordnung des Altkatholizismus in Konfessions-und Kirchenkunden." Vol. 105, No. 3 (July–September, 2015): 190–248.
Grigorios Larentzakis, "Die Dreieinheit Gottes als Modell für Őkumene der christlichen Kirchen aus orthodoxer Sicht." Vol. 105, No. 4 (October–December, 2015): 288–302. [End Page 474]

United States

America (New York)

The following articles appear in Vol. 213, No. 12(5105) (October 26, 2015):

Paolo Gamberini, "Understanding 'the Other': The Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel," pp. 23–25.
Daniel Polish, "Blessed Are They: Finding Happiness in the Psalms," pp. 26–27.
Thomas P. Rausch, "From Churches to Church: Assessing the Movement toward Christian Unity." Vol. 214, No. 2(5114) (January 18–25, 2016), 28–30.

The following articles appear in Vol. 214, No. 3(5115) (February 1, 2016):

Gerard O'Connell, "Interreligious Leaders," p. 26.
Saadia Ahmad, "Interfaith Encounters: Living as a Muslim at a Catholic College," pp. 27–28.

The following articles appear in Vol. 214, No. 7(5119) (February 29, 2016):

Daniel Philpott, "Islamic Awakening: An Ancient Faith Encounters Modernity," pp. 36–38.
James M. Lang, "Centered by Prayer: A Catholic in the Muslim World," pp. 41–42.
James Dominic Rooney, "Truth, Then Love: An Eastern Priest's Vision for Catholic-Orthodox Relations." Vol. 214, No. 20(5132) (June 20–27, 2016), pp. 30–32.

Christian Century (Chicago)

The following articles appear in Vol. 132, No. 22 (October 28, 2015):

Clare Amos, "A Living Question Mark: Protestants and Jews after Nostra Aetate," pp. 27–32.
S. Mark Heim, "Saved by Islam?" pp. 33–36.

The following articles...


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