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New Books Biography and Memoirs Coldwell, Joan, ed. The Tightrope Walker: Autobiographical Writings of Anne Wilkinson. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. $39.95 cloth. 275 pp. Horton, Donald J. Andre Laurendeau: French-Canadian Nationalist, 19121968 . Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1992. $29.95 cloth. 261 pp. Rubio, Mary and Elizabeth Waterston, eds. The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Vol. III: 1921-1929. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1992. $29.95 cloth. Stevens, Homer. A Life in Fishing. Medeira: Harbour, 1992. $29.95 cloth. 260pp. Waite, P.B. The Loner: Three Sketches of the Personal Life and Ideas of R.B. Bennett, 1870-1947. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. $15.95 paper, $30 cloth. 110 pp. Culture and the Arts Aykroyd, Peter H. The Anniversary Compulsion . Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1992. 214 pp. Davis, Ann. The Logic of Ecstasy: Canadian Mystical Painting 19201940 . Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. $24.95 paper, $60 cloth. 217 pp. Kallmann, Helmut and Gilles Potvin, eds. Encyc/opedia of Music in Canada Second Edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. 1524 pp. Much, Rita. Women on the Canadian Stage: The Legacy ofHrotsvit. Winnipeg : Blizzard, 1992. 133 pp. Vipond, Mary. Listening In: The First Decade of Canadian Broadcasting, 1922-1932. Montreal/Kingston: McGillQueen 's University Press, 1992. $49.95 cloth. 398 pp. Economics and Business McGee, R. Harley. Getting it Right: Regional Development in Canada. Montreal/Kingston: McGill-Queen's 216 University Press, 1992. $39.95 cloth. 330 pp. Environmental and Resource Studies Johnson, Martha, ed. Lore: Capturing Traditional Environmental Knowledge. Hay River: Dene Cultural Institute, 1992. 190 pp. Ethnicity Chiswick, Barry R. Immigration, Language and Ethnicity: Canada and the United States. Washington, DC: AEI Press, 1992. 488 pp. Davies, Alan, ed. Antisemitism in Canada: History and Interpretation. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1992. $24.95 paper, $34.95 cloth. 304 pp. Knowles, Valerie. Strangers at Our Gates: Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy, 1540-1990. Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1992. $19.99 paper. 218 pp. Scardellato, Gabriele, ed. A Guide to the Collections ofthe Multicultural History Society of Ontario. Toronto: MHSO, 1992. 695 pp. History Castonguay, Jacques. Le College Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean: Une Universite a Caractere Different. Sillery: Septentrion , 1992. 272 pp. Cole, A.O.C. Trent: The Making of a University, 1957-1987. Peterborough: Trent University, 1992. 225 pp. Dickinson, John A. and Brian Young. Breve Histoire Socio-Economique du Quebec. Sillery: Septentrion, 1992. 382 pp. Frager, Ruth A. Sweatshop Strife: Class, Ethnicity and Gender in the Jewish Labour Movement of Toronto, 19001939 . Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. $19.95 paper, $60 cloth. 300pp. Francis, R. Douglas and Howard Palmer, eds. The Prairie West: Historical Readings. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1992. $30 paper. 748 pp. Legault, Albert and Michel Fortmann. A Diplomacy of Hope: Canada and Disarmament 1945-1988. Montreal/ Revue d'etudes canadiennes Vol. 27, No. 4 (Hivu 1992-93 Winur) Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1992. 663 pp. MacKay, Donald. The People's Railway: A History of the Canadian National. Vancouver: Douglas & Mcintyre, 1992. $29.95 cloth. 368 pp. Peterson, Jan. The Albernis, 1860-1922. Vancouver: Oolichan, 1992. $34.95 cloth, $19.95 paper. 352 pp. Peyser, Joseph L., ed. Letters From New France: The Upper Country, 16861783 . Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 1992. $29.95 paper. 248 pp. Rawling, Bill. Surviving Trench Warfare: Technology and the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. $19.95 paper, $55 cloth. 325 pp. Richardson, John. The Canadian Brothers, Or the Prophecy Fulfilled: A Tale ofthe Late American War. Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1992. $12.95 paper. 541 pp. Smith, Wilfred I. Code Word Can/oan. Toronto: Dundum Press, 1992. $29.95 cloth. 400 pp. Stouffer, Allen P. The Light ofNature and the Law ofGod: Antislavery in Ontario, 1833-1877. Montreal/Kingston: McGillQueen 's University Press, 1992. $34.95 cloth. 289 pp. International Relations Bothwell, Robert. Canada and the United States: The Politics of Partnership. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. 190 pp. Miller, Robert. Aid as Peacemaker: Canadian Development Assistance and Third World Conflict. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1992. $15.95 paper. 210 pp. Literary Criticism New, W.H., ed. Inside the Poem. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1992...


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