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B O O K S R E C E I V E D Davis, Elizabeth B. Myth and Identity in the Epic ofImperial Spain. Columbia , MO: U of Missouri P, 2000. Gonzalez Argiielles, Eloy R. La conclusion del Amadis de Gaula: Las sergas de Esplandidn de Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo. Potamic MD: Scripta Humanistica, n. d. [2000]. Greer, Margaret Rich. Maria de Zayas Tells Baroque Tales of Love and the Cruelty ofMen. University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State UP, 2000. Hill, Ruth. Sceptres and Sciences in the Spains. Four Humanists and the New Philosophy (ca. 1680-1740). Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 2000. Hutson, Lorna, ed. Feminism and Renaissance Studies. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Jauralde Pau, Pablo. Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645). Madrid: Castalia, 1999. Lopez Bueno, Begona, ed. Las "Anotaciones" de Fernando de Herrera: Doce estudios. TV Encuentro International sobre Poesfa del Siglo de Oro. Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla, 1997. Nicolopulos, James. The Poetics of Empire in the Indies: Prophecy and Imitation in La Araucana and Os Lusfadas. University Park: Perm State UP, 2000. Wells, Marcia. Persephone's Girdle: Narratives of Rape in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Literature. Nashville TN: Vanderbilt UP, 2001. Wright, Elizabeth R. Pilgrimage to Patronage: Lope de Vega and the Court of Philip III, 1598-1621. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell UP/London: Associated UPs, 2001. Zayas y Sotomayor, Maria de. Novelas amorosas y ejemplares. Ed. Julian Olivares. Madrid: Catedra, 2000. ...


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