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Books received from March through May 2017

Brideoake, Fiona. The Ladies of Llangollen: Desire, Indeterminacy, and the Legacies of Criticism (Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2017). Pp. 368. $110.00 cloth.
Bullard, Rebecca, and Rachel Carnell, eds. The Secret History in Literature, 1660–1820 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017). Pp. 294. $99.99 cloth.
DeWispelare, Daniel. Multilingual Subjects: On Standard English, Its Speakers, and Others in the Long Eighteenth Century (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017). Pp. 344. $69.95 cloth.
Douglas, Aileen. Work in Hand: Script, Print, and Writing, 1690–1840 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017). Pp. 208. $80.00 cloth, $30.00 paper.
Du Rivage, Justin. Revolution Against Empire: Taxes, Politics, and the Origins of American Independence (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2017). Pp. 396. $40.00 cloth.
Étienne, Noémie. The Restoration of Paintings in Paris, 1750–1815: Practice, Discourse, Materiality (Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute, 2017). Pp. 384. $69.95 paper.
Ferrer, Véronique, and Catherine Ramond, eds. La Langue des émotions—XVIe–XVIIIe siècle (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2017). Pp. 416. €49.00 paper.
Gish, Dustin, and Daniel Klinghard. Thomas Jefferson and the Science of Republican Government: A Political Biography of "Notes on the State of Virginia" (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017). Pp. 351. $99.99 cloth. [End Page 141]
Goodfriend, Joyce D. Who Should Rule at Home?: Confronting the Elite in British New York City (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2017). Pp. 312. $39.95 cloth.
Goodman, Jessica. Goldoni in Paris: "La Gloire et le Malentendu" (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017). Pp. 224. $95.00 cloth.
Goodridge, John, and Bridget Keegan, eds. A History of British Working Class Literature (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017). Pp. 496. $99.99 cloth.
Hayton, D. W., and Andrew R. Holmes, eds. Ourselves Alone?: Religion, Society and Politics in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Essays Presented to S. J. Connolly (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2016). Pp. 240. €49.50 cloth.
Holmberg, Linn. The Maurists' Unfinished Encyclopedia (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2017). Pp. xvi + 314. $95.00 paper.
Jensen, Lotte. Celebrating Peace: The Emergence of Dutch Identity, 1648–1815 (Nijmegen, Neth.: Uitgeverij Vantilt, 2017). Pp. 264. €19.95 paper.
Kuzniar, Alice A. The Birth of Homeopathy Out of the Spirit of Romanticism (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017). Pp. 240. $27.95 paper.
Lockwood, Matthew. The Conquest of Death: Violence and the Birth of the Modern English State (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2017). Pp. 416. $85.00 cloth.
Mattfeld, Monica. Becoming Centaur: Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship (University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2017). Pp. 288. $99.95 cloth.
Miller, Nicholas B. John Millar and the Scottish Enlightenment: Family Life and World History (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2017). Pp. xii + 240. $80.00 paper.
Perrin, Jean-François. Poétique romanesque de la mémoire avant Proust. Tome I, Éros réminiscent (XVIIe–XVIIIe siècles) (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2017). Pp. 333. €39.00 paper.
Pötzsch, Janelle, ed. Jonathan Swift and Philosophy (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2017). Pp. 272. $95.00 cloth.
Prest, Julia, ed. Les Veuves créoles, comédie (Cambridge: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2017). Pp. 100. $17.50 paper.
Quinsey, Katherine M., ed. Animals and Humans: Sensibility and Representation, 1650–1820 (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2017). Pp. x + 324. $100.00 paper.
Rétif de La Bretonne, Nicolas-Edme. Ingénue Saxancour; or, The Wife Separated from Her Husband. Translated by Mary S. Trouille (Cambridge: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2017). Pp. 225. $22.99 paper.
Richardson, Samuel. Correspondence with Lady Bradshaigh and Lady Echlin: 3 Volume Hardback Set. Edited by Peter Sabor. Numbers 5–7 of The Cambridge Edition of the Correspondence of Samuel Richardson. Edited by Thomas Keymer and Peter Sabor. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016). Pp. 1200. $400.00 cloth. [End Page 142]
Sorensen, Janet. Strange Vernaculars: How Eighteenth-Century Slang, Cant, Provincial Languages, and Nautical Jargon Became English (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2017). Pp. 352. $39.95 cloth.
Talle, Andrew. Beyond Bach: Music and Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2017). Pp. 376. $45.00 cloth.
Tomaini, Thea. The Corpse as Text: Disinterment and Antiquarian Enquiry, 1700–1900 (Woodbridge, UK: Boydell Press, 2017...


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