Using a racial microaggressions analytic framework and critical multiracial theory, this research explored multiracial campus professionals’ experiences with multiracial microaggressions. Three themes were generated from the narratives of 24 multiracial campus professionals, including Denial of a Multiracial Reality, Assumption of a Monoracial Identity, and Not Monoracial Enough. This study adds to a dearth in research concerning the racialized experiences of campus professionals, a population within higher education that is under-researched, yet influential to the campus environment. The research expands the concept of racial microaggressions and racism by accounting for multiracial individuals’ experiences with multiracial microaggressions, a form of everyday monoracism. While this study focuses on the narratives of multiracial professionals, participants’ narratives have implications for all constituents working, living, and learning in postsecondary contexts.


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