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  • Manuscript Readers for 2016 / Lecteurs et Lectrices de Manuscrits Pour 2016

The Journal is grateful to the following individuals who reviewed manuscripts submitted in 2016 / La Revue remercie les personnes suivantes qui ont évalué des manuscrits soumis en 2016.

ANDRESEN, Martin – Simon Fraser University & English Book Review Editor

BADRY, Dorothy – University of Calgary

BAKHT, Natasha – University of Ottawa

BALA, Nicholas – Queen’s University

BARON, Stephen – Queen’s University & Editorial Advisory Board

BELKNAP, Joanne – University of Colorado at Boulder (USA)

BONNET, François – UMR Pacte

BOUCHARD, Martin – Simon Fraser University, Editorial Committee, & French-Content Editor

BROCKMAN, Joan – Simon Fraser University

BURGOON, Judee K. – The University of Arizona Tucson (USA)

BUTTON, Mark – University of Portsmouth (UK)

CAMPBELL, Kathryn – University of Ottawa

CAPUTO, Tullio – Carleton University

CARTER, Mark – University of Saskatchewan

CHELIOTIS, Leonidas – London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) & Editorial Advisory Board

COHEN, Irwin – University of the Fraser Valley

COMACK, Elizabeth – University of Manitoba & Editorial Advisory Board

CONNOLLY, Deborah – Simon Fraser University

CORRADO, Ray – Simon Fraser University

DANDO, Coral – University of Wolverhampton (UK)

DAWSON, Myrna – University of Guelph & Editorial Committee

DEACON, David – Loughborough University (UK)

DOOB, Tony – University of Toronto & Editorial Committee

FERDIK, Fran – University of West Florida (USA)

FOX, Kathryn J. – University of Vermont (USA)

GARTNER, Rosemary – University of Toronto & Editorial Advisory Board

GRIFFITHS, Curt – Simon Fraser University

HANNAH-MOFFAT, Kelly – University of Toronto & Editorial Advisory Board

HUEY, Laura – University of Western Ontario & Editorial Advisory Board

HUGHES, Nathan – University of Birmingham

JACKSON, SHELLY L. – University of Virginia (USA)

JEFFRIES, Samantha – Griffith University (AU)

JENNINGS, Wesley G. – University of South Florida (USA)

KILTY, Jennifer – University of Ottawa

KLIMA, Noel – Ghent University (BE)

KOHM, Steven A. – The University of Winnipeg

LACHAMBRE, Sébastien – University of Ottawa

LAIRD, Karl – University of Oxford (UK)

LAWTON, Brian – John Jay College of Criminal Justice

LECLERC, Benoit – Griffith University (AU)

LEMAN-LANGLOIS, Stéphane – Université Laval & Editorial Advisory Board

LEVERICK, Fiona – University of Glasgow (UK)

LEVI, Ron – University of Toronto & Editorial Advisory Board

LINDEN, Rick – University of Manitoba & Editorial Committee

LIVINGSTON, Jamie – Saint Mary’s University & Editorial Advisory Board [End Page 585]

LONGAZEL, Jamie B. – University of Dayton (USA)

LUSSIER, Patrick – Université Laval

MANIKIS, Marie – McGill University

MARDER, Nancy S. – Illinois Institute of Technology (USA)

MARINOS, Voula – Brock University

MAZEROLLE, Lorraine – University of Queensland (AU)

MELCHERS, Ronald – University of Ottawa

MILNE, Rebecca – University of Portsmouth (UK)

MINOR, Kevin – Eastern Kentucky University (USA)

MURDOCCA, Carmela – York University

MYERS, Nicole – Simon Fraser University

NASH, Rebecca – California State University Long Beach (USA)

NORMANDEAU, André – Université de Montréal & Rédacteur français aux recensions de livres

OUIMET, Marc – Université de Montreal & Editorial Advisory Board

PARKES, Debra – University of Manitoba

PETERS, Adrienne M.F. – Memorial University of Newfoundland

RICCIARDELLI, Rose – Memorial University of Newfoundland

ROBERTS, Julian – University of Oxford (UK) & Editorial Advisory Board

RUDDELL, Rick – University of Regina

SERIN, Ralph – Carleton University

SHEPTYCKI, JAMES W.E. – York University

SMANDYCH, Russell – University of Manitoba

SMITH, Martha – Wichita State University (USA)

SMITH, Romayne – Fullerton University of Western Ontario

SNOOK, Brent – Memorial University of Newfoundland

SPROTT, Jane – Ryerson University & Editorial Committee

TEN BRINKE, Leanne – University of California Berkeley (USA)

THOMPSON, Burt – Niagara University, NY (USA)

THOMPSON, Sandra Guerra – University of Houston (USA)

VERDUN-JONES, Simon – Simon Fraser University, Editorial Committee, & Editor

WEINRATH, Michael – The University of Winnipeg

WELSH, Brandon – Northeastern University (USA) & Editorial Advisory Board

WEMMERS, Jo-Anne – Université de Montréal & Editorial Advisory Board

WINTERDYK, John – Mount Royal University

WORMITH, Steve – University of Saskatchewan

YULE, Carolyn – University of Guelph

ZINGER, Ivan – Carleton University & Editorial Advisory Board [End Page 586]



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