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Callaloo 25.1 (2002) 92-93

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New Orleans Bibliography

Tonya M. Foster

a girl who looks like her father is born for luck, Algiers, alligator, Amazing Grace, Amelia, Angola, Atchafalaya, Aunt Noni, Aunt Sister, Azerine

back a town, bayou, because her daddy died or left, because the first baby died, beignets, bitch, Butsie

cafe au lait, Calliope projects, Canal St., Cardella, cast iron, catching coconuts, catching sense, cayenne, Christ, Christ on the street corner, Clio Street, cockroaches, Congo Square, "comb them kitchens," Congo Square, cornbread, courtyard, cousins, CPT, crawfish, creole

dark-skinned, daughters, dead-end, Desire Projects, desire unmet is desire multiplied, dirty rice, do, Dorothy, due

Elysian Fields, Erato, etouffe, Euterpe, Ezekiel

Father John's cough syrup, filé, first born, first born done died, fleur de lys, flood, front porch, "fur true?"

Galvez, Gerttown, "gimme some," girl, "girl, gimme got shot," "git up in here," "God don't like ugly," good hair, grandma, grandpa done lost his mind, grief, grief grown rooted and wild, grief like dirt, gumbo

hard-headed, her mouth don't know no Sunday, high yellow, holy ghost, hoodoo, "how sweet the sound," "how ya'll doin'?", "how ya mama an' 'nem?"

I, I, I, "I ain't playin' wit chou no," "if you're white, you're all right; if you're brown, stick around; if you're black, step back," "I like coffee; I like tea; I like a colored boy and he likes me"

jack-off, jacks, jambalaya, jazz, Jesus, jumpback, jumprope

Katie, kickback, kick your ass, kitchens, kitchens on your neck, knick-knacks, kool-aid [End Page 92]

lagniappe, lakefront, levee, light-skinned, lighter than a paper bag, Louis, St. Louis, Louis XIV

Ma Belle, ma dere, magnolias, make groceries, Martin Luther King Blvd., Melpomene projects, memory, mental ward, Mississippi river, Miss Myrtle, Miss Tit, Morial, morning, mosquitoes, mourning, mud bugs, muffelatta

nappy-headed, neckbone, neutral ground, neutria rats, "nobody likes a bone but a dog," NOPD, not luck enough to keep a body strong

okra gumbo, out front of town, oysters

pecans, pickled pigs' lips, piss po', po' boys, porch monkeys, potholes

quadroons, quarter, quick, quiet

rain, rain through the living room windows, red beans, red bone, Reverend Ike, Reverend Profit, rice, river, river, roux, rue

Saints, sadity, salvation, sassafras, Satchmo, screendoor, semen, seventh ward, snowballs, "speak the word to me," spit on the broom to stay out of jail, St. Charles Ave., Stronger Hope Baptist Church, superdome, swamp, switch

tambourine, Tchopitulas, tender-headed, tender-hearted, tender-roni, Terpischore, Thalia, third ward, thought, "throw me someethin' Mister," Tippitina's, trouble don't last always

uppity, Uranus

vagina, virgin, Virginia, voodoo

"wade in the water," water, wishes go the way of sweepstakes, "where y'at?", "where you from?", woman, word, write, wrought iron


"yo maw, yo paw, yo greasy, greasy gran'ma," you, you, you, "you ain't nothin'," "you thought like Aunt Hannah, who thought shit was a banana"

Zataran's, Zulu, zydeco



Tonya M. Foster teaches writing and literature in City College of New York's Bridge to Medicine Program and in Bard College's Language and Thinking Institute. She is also senior Writing Faculty for Cooper Union's Saturday/Outreach Program. A recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship, her work has appeared in Lungfull, Gulf Coast, Drum Voices, the Hat, and Western Humanities Review. She is working on "Monkey Talk," a piece on paranoia, race and language, and co-editing with Kristin Prevallet The Third Mind, an anthology of essays on writing and visual art.



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