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  • Liner Notes (Shuggie Otis Reissue):For Fred Moten
  • Brent Hayes Edwards

1. inspiration information

breath, a treatiseinside a dreamstorm:bottleneck back-

                                        beat,sleigh bell, slack-tonguedorgan

stick-back situationdark blue ring                                              breath, a husting

an eight o'clock sit downbreath, a form                                                  his finger stirs

                                        annular smoke          he blew                                                                      electric whirl-                                                            pools through his chest

                    then an exhalation                                        distends the known          dreaming in and out of style

2. island letter

dreaming in and out of townwe talked about your peachesand we laughed

we talked about your beachesand how we'd get therein good time and intact [End Page 98]

                                                  in my mouth                              you are                                                      I am stranded

                                                            in the light of this voice                                                  can you hear me when I call          the voice with-

                drawsin gold tones                                        untucked

                                                  organ plotting                                              an eternity of                                                                      how I miss you

                                                      water lapping                shifts the edge of loss                    in the sand

3. sparkle city

the foundation's all slya family of shinesand fuzzy angles at the horizon

sorry people, I'm not the oneyou found what you shouted outabout dig underfoot

no nachträglich geniusI'm not the buried coalyou burn with hindsight

keep your eyes off my asstry calling when you thinkyou found it                meanwhile

I flicker and fadelight let outthe sibilant dream she took

4. aht uh mi hed

ought and might havetouted a sly bedof strum and tread [End Page 99]

sought might insteadno matter I hadhush aimed ahead

ached and misledan outer breedof tenor mayhem

hearts unheardarts misreadan utter sigh away

6. 7. 8. rainy day

ode to a roland 77:the falling rainput me to sleep

                        shuggie didn't get to                    the perfective                    what's carried                                        to completion (the difference

                              between burned and burnt uptook a hiatus like moncurplayed some backup

for etta james and cleanhead                    I didn't get the chance to          tell you what I would want

                              to see you again                                                  (spinning like the rain                                            keeps falling down

in a drum machinethere are changes too                              (the shudder

when the tongue                gets in a grooveand finds that things are different [End Page 100]

5. happy housewho's afraid of the big badand his inscrutable black faces?                                              hmmph

his sullen broodcould be scheming          anythingas deep as the music

santa barbara hospitalidad:shine a smile for mepine bluff on bleeker

that good duty free bourbonand the shit we talk about                                        motherfuckers

                                                  don't know this good hurtthis art is a good hurtwhat fills the space of what's left

                    shuggie's sound                              a woman's voice                        receding

                                        in a contraction of loss                                                  and linger                                                            (bereave and abide

what's left to take me foranother                    what's written                    between the strings [End Page 101]



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