The tradition of incising ship graffiti was practised everywhere since time immemorial. It is possible to compare Maltese graffiti with those found in many other countries. Those graffiti found on the walls of holy places are intimately connected with the religious culture of ex-voto offering. Although the study of graffiti is relatively in its infancy, it is hoped that it would contribute to the history of ships. Many popular local ships are represented as they provided work for many Maltese sailors. It is a fascinating exercise to compare ship graffiti from various countries. It is as if the same hand incised the same graffiti everywhere. The representation of incomplete hulls, wide stemposts, the use of hatching, slanting lines or zig-zagging, shrouds, sails and anchors are all elements which show that the incision of ship graffiti was a common heritage among seafarers.


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